Pacific Point Preserve and Sea Lion High at SeaWorld San Antonio

Sea Lion High-12.jpg

Last week, we had the chance to check out the all-new Pacific Point Preserve and Sea Lion High at SeaWorld San Antonio. The sea lions are one of my son’s favorite animals in the park, so we’ve really missed them during construction. He was so excited to get to see them again!

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Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld San Antonio

Dine With Shamu at SeaWorld

We recently wanted to do something special for my son’s birthday, so we purchased tickets to Dine with Shamu at SeaWorld San Antonio. It was such a cool experience, and he loved every minute of it.

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Feeding the Dolphins at SeaWorld San Antonio

How to Feed a Dolphin at SeaWorld

One of the most inexpensive and fun animal encounters at SeaWorld San Antonio is the Dolphin Touch program. We seriously love feeding the dolphins at SeaWorld San Antonio — we try to do it every time we visit.

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Roa’s Aviary in Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio

Roa's Aviary-7.jpg

Last week, I had the chance to preview Roa’s Aviary at Aquatica in SeaWorld San Antonio before it opened to the public. It’s really cool, and I wanted to share some photos from the event with you.

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SeaWorld San Antonio: Shamu Rocks!

Shamu Rocks

One thing that we could not miss during our AdventureCon trip was SeaWorld San Antonio: Shamu Rocks! I was really excited to see the killer whales in action and I knew that Andrew would really love this show.

It did not disappoint — we got to sing and dance to rock music before the show began, and then the killer whales took the stage. Wow. These really are beautiful and majestic animals and I was amazed at all that they could do.

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SeaWorld San Antonio: AdventureCon 2013


Earlier this month, my family got the chance to attend SeaWorld San Antonio: AdventureCon 2013, a family-friendly blogging conference hosted by the SeaWorld team.

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SAVE in San Antonio This Spring

Spring in SATX-024.jpg

You know what’s crazy? I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, and I’ve never vacationed in San Antonio. Now that we have Andrew, though, I’m dying to take him to SeaWorld.

Last week, we got the next best thing when we were invited to meet the penguins from SeaWorld San Antonio. It was a lot of fun and we learned lots of info about San Antonio!

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