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Meet Our Team

The Nerd's Wife Family

A family photo on our recent trip to British Columbia to visit The Nerd’s family!

James Blake is The Nerd, a geek who loves all things gaming and technology. He provides a dad’s perspective on the latest gadgets and games. Email him at james@thenerdswife.com.

Arena Blake is The Nerd’s Wife, a wannabe photographer, crafter, baker, and technology junkie. She writes about her family’s exploits in Dallas, thoughts on parenting, and the latest technology for moms. She also contributes at Kids Activities Blog, Dallas Moms Blog, and She Is Dallas.


A Dallas Mom Blog

In November 2011, we welcomed our only son, Andrew into the world six weeks early. I shared the story of my extended medical stay, preeclampsia and his birth on this blog.

We have two puppies: Georgie is a feisty pomeranian who loves to tease his sister and won’t leave my side for anything. Kaylee is a spunky beagle whose favorite place is under the couch (or the covers). She gets into everything and is always contemplating her next adventure.

We both graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Whoop! Yup, we’re Aggies and we’re proud of it!

The Nerd's Wife Aggies

Here we are before the A&M vs. Baylor football game. We had awesome seats!

How We Met

We met in College Station, which is the place where all great things start anyway. I had already graduated, but he was still in school. I was a reporter for the local newspaper, working long days and often late nights.

Our very first date was to the campy, graphic novel film 300. I don’t remember most of the film because I was too busy staring into his big, blue eyes. I was smitten, and I guess he was, too. We saw each other pretty much every day after that. We were constantly together.

Pretty soon, his nerdiness started to rub off on me. I found myself trying to play computer games and wearing Transformers masks.

The Nerd's Wife Transformers

This is us at James’ 23rd birthday party. It was Transformers themed!

The Rest of the Story

We soon got married and found ourselves living in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. As our lives changed and we grew up, I started trying my hand at different recipes, taking photos and documenting our adventures to ease my itch to write.

And, thus, this blog was born.

The Nerd's Wife Wedding

This is us at our wedding!

The Blog

The Nerd’s Wife is an eclectic mix of life lessons, photography, recipes, reading and nerdy things.

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And we’re continually growing!

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Thanks for looking, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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