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Things have been kind of crazy around here lately. I haven’t had too many personal posts lately, so I thought I’d spend some time today letting you guys know what our family has been up to recently.

You may have noticed a shift in posts lately — more crafts, DIYs, and recipes. These ideas seem to be really popular, and I’m having lots of fun coming up with new ideas for projects to share. Plus, I have some time on my hands for the first time I can ever remember.

You see, I was laid off of my full-time job earlier this summer. I don’t want to go into too many details, but let’s just say that it’s REALLY stressful when your family income is cut by half. We are making it, and I’m on the job hunt. But now I have more time to spend with Andrew, and doing things I love, and I have to say, that it isn’t all so bad.

Geo_Print_Shift-Dress-4 Photo by Stephanie Drenka

With all this free time (ha!), I got the crazy idea to start another site — this one focused on Dallas fashion. When things get bad in my life, I usually turn to fashion to make myself feel better. Even growing up, I would try a new outfit or new style to give myself a boost of confidence. Now, I’m channeling that energy into Always, Arena. I’ll be sharing fun outfits, local shopping, and fashion inspiration over there. Check it out!

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Andrew and I have been LOVING summer — we’ve had lots of visits to the pool, and even a few to the beach. He is a fish, and sometimes I wish we lived closer to the coast. It seems like my soul longs for sunshine, palm trees, and a sea breeze. And our weekend in Corpus Christi visiting family only made me long for the ocean even more.

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We made sure to pay a visit to the Texas State Aquarium. It is so awesome to watch Andrew’s love of sea life blossom due to our many visits to SeaWorld. He asks to go visit the Sting Rays on a daily basis. I love it!

How is your summer going?

Let’s catch up in the comments!


  1. Aww, Arena–please email me your resume, if you’d like– my clients often ask for referrals when they are hiring someone, and my bosses have been talking about adding a part-time social media person, too.

  2. Arena,
    I know what a layoff can do to the stress level. My thoughts are with you. In the mean, I am always up for fashion so I’ll check you out there, too.
    Great pics with the little man.

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