Visiting the Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium-006.jpg

The Nerd’s work had plant shutdown this week, so we headed south to visit his parents and sister in Corpus Christi, Texas. One thing I knew I wanted to do while we were here was visiting the Texas State Aquarium with Andrew.

I just knew that the blue tanks filled with brightly-colored fish would fascinate him. And I wasn’t disappointed! In fact, we went during the week and we practically had the whole place to ourselves! Andrew spent a good while staring at the dolphin tank, which is where I snapped some of my favorite photos of him ever.

Texas State Aquarium-002.jpgTexas State Aquarium-009.jpgTexas State Aquarium-008.jpgTexas State Aquarium-011.jpgTexas State Aquarium-012.jpgTexas State Aquarium-013.jpgTexas State Aquarium-015.jpgTexas State Aquarium-016.jpgTexas State Aquarium-004.jpgTexas State Aquarium SilhouettesTexas State Aquarium-026.jpgTexas State Aquarium-027.jpgTexas State Aquarium-024.jpgTexas State Aquarium View

It was so crazy how the dolphins seemed to just be attracted to him. They kept swimming along the wall of the tank as he played on the floor.

What’s your favorite thing to see at the aquarium?



  1. These are fabulous photos! I love the excited look on Andrew’s face! So fun! We haven’t taken the kids to an aquarium yet, but I think we need to put it on our list! Hope y’all enjoyed the rest of your trip!


  1. […] Earlier this month, The Nerd took some time off work and we got to visit his family on the Texas Gulf Coast. We got to see Cirque du Soleil and we even visited the Texas State Aquarium. […]

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