Easy Gigantic Bubbles

Easy Gigantic Bubbles

We love playing outside, and these Easy Gigantic Bubbles are one of our favorite things to do! This activity is perfect for kids of any age — little ones love splashing and playing in the bubble solution, while older kids enjoy seeing just how BIG they can make their bubbles!

I forsee many hot summer days spent creating Easy Gigantic Bubbles.

Easy Gigantic Bubbles


Here’s what you need to make Easy Gigantic Bubbles:

  1. Small wading pool
  2. Hula hoop
  3. 2 gallons distilled water
  4. 24 oz bottle Dawn dish soap
  5. 16 oz bottle vegetable glycerin

Mix together the water, soap and glycerin in the wading pool. Then, use the hula hoop to create awesome bubbles!


Giant Bubbles-5.jpgGiant Bubbles-6.jpgGiant Bubbles-9.jpg

There are so many different ways to move the hula hoop to create bubbles. Pull it straight up to create a bubble around your kid. Move it at an angle to create a diagonal bubble. Just have fun!

Giant Bubbles-13.jpg

The bubbles are super-strong — my kiddo LOVED trying to push his hands through them. And they often didn’t pop!

Giant Bubbles-19.jpgGiant Bubbles-21.jpg

Plus, this bubble solution gets better with age. Mix up a batch and let it sit overnight to create really strong bubbles! When you’re done playing, pour it into a container with a lid and store it for the next time you’re ready to play!


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