DIY Temporary Safety Tattoos

Safety Tattoos

In the craziness and excitement of theme parks and amusement parks, it can be easy for a child to get lost. There was a scary while during our trip to SeaWorld San Antonio when my friend’s daughter was lost for almost an hour. This summer, we won’t be going anywhere without these DIY Temporary Safety Tattoos.

I’ve seen many people who take a Sharpie and write their phone number on their child’s arm. Permanent markers are hard to remove and can contain toxic materials. I wanted something that wouldn’t be difficult to wash away at the end of the day, and wouldn’t be harmful to my son.

I did a bit of research and found this temporary tattoo paper from Silhouette. Then, I designed some easy tattoos where I could input my phone number. I just printed the tattoos on the paper using my ink jet printer. Easy, simple, and much cheaper than ordering these from a website.

Here’s a free printable Photoshop template that you can use to print your own. Simply download the file (you’ll need to unzip it), open the document, go to Layers, and change each phone number layer to your phone number (they are colored red).

Tattoos Click here to download the template.
Note: You will need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to open and edit it.

Print the image onto the tattoo paper (I used this Silhouette paper) and follow the instructions on the package to apply the adhesive. I did not use a Silhouette machine to create ours — just my ink jet printer, my hands and scissors.

The hardest part is smoothing the adhesive so that it doesn’t wrinkle. I messed up a bit and had a few wrinkles, but not too many. In fact, I even made some for my niece and nephews when we all went to Great Wolf Lodge last weekend.

Safety Tattoos GroupSafety Tattoos 2

You can never be too careful.

How do you keep your kids safe when you visit theme parks?


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  2. These are really cool! I have looked into ordering temp tattoos for our amusement park visits but they are very expensive. I forget what we wound up doing last year to put some information on them. I’ll have to try these when we go again.

  3. How cool! I had these made from a company, but just ran out. Love these!

  4. What a smart idea!

  5. such a great idea! thanks for sharing!

  6. When we go to theme parks, we dress the kids alike. On the inside of the sleeve I write my name and phone number. The kids only have to remember that they have Mom’s number on their sleeve… and all I have to do is find a security person, hold up the child I have with me, and say, “He looks like this, but taller/shorter…” 🙂

  7. Love the idea. Have seen them but never took the time to do it. Should probably think ahead next time and get it done. Thanks for the reminder… and the printable.

  8. Great idea! I’m going to have to get some of this paper!

  9. What a great idea!

  10. Great idea Arena!!! I’m definitely saving these and using them with our kids!

  11. Can you do it with a laser printer?

  12. I work in medicine so I’m able to obtain those plastic (or paper) tamper resistent/water resistent “wrist bands”. I cross out anything not applicable and then write on the INSIDE of it, childs name, my name/number as well as a contact number of someone NOT at whatever “event” we’re at (in case something happens to ME). As young as 2.5 my child was able to understand if she needed help finding mommy to show a “helper” (the staff/security staff – which we ID’d upon arriving, waved to several etc so she knew what to look for) She knew to show them her ankle (no way it was staying on her wrist!) She actually flat out refused to remove it when we got home. She loved it! Had to wait for her to fall asleep THEN cut it off! I also “tag” her with the flight info/numbers/cities when flying (which we do frequently). I write “emergency info on reverse” on the outside so others can see that but not her name/numbers etc.

    The other thing I do (I wish I could remember where I read this to give it proper credit…..) When we arrive to somewhere “busy” (theme park, airport, concert etc) I take a picture of my child THAT day on my phone (and someone else’s if possible). What she looks like TODAY. What she’s wearing, how her hair looks – heck even the current scrapes/bruises of an active toddler! That way – God forbid I ever needed help locating her, I can QUICKLY share a (very) current picture with Staff and/or LEO. Especially when they chance SO much week to week at young ages! (Plus someone did a study -I think it was in that same article – that under pressure many people could not remember what their own child was wearing that day, one woman even forgot she had her child’s hair cut MUCH shorter in the previous couple days – sounds silly but when you’re under enormous distress…… ) I’ll take any “advantage” I possibly can!

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