Andrew’s Farm Birthday Party

Farm Birthday Party

I’ve been looking forward to Andrew’s 2nd Birthday Party for weeks. This was the most fun I’ve had planning a party, and I think it turned out so cute! I’m so excited to share all the details with you!

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-106.jpg

We had the party at Grisham Farms Petting Zoo in McKinney. They were super-easy to work with and it was a great location. I decided to go with a farm theme for the party, since we’d be on a farm, and I thought it would be fun for the kids.

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-10.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-13.jpg

Guests were greeted by cowboy hats and bandanas on the present table as they walked up to the farm. The kids really loved wearing their hats and putting the bandanas around their necks! I loved seeing which colors they picked — with so many girls at the party, pink was a popular color!

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-7.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-9.jpg

I also had a table set up to display the cupcakes and smash cake, which turned out *so* adorable. I painted a wooden crate red, and used it to give some height to the table. The photo of Andrew in his cowboy hat added another fun touch to the display.

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-8.jpg

I also made some Pig Marshmallow Pops and added a fun tag to those as a thank you for guests when they left. Above the table hung a banner I made using laminated burlap, stiffened felt and paint. We strung tissue paper garlands on either side. I really love how it turned out!

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-22.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-2.jpg

For food and drink, we served pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken nuggets, gold fish, veggie tray, fruit tray and sheep thumbprint cookies! We also served lemonade in these really cute plastic milk bottles and boxes of apple juice. Of course, there was soda and bottled water for the grown-ups!

Farm Birthday Party Food 1Farm Birthday Party Food 2

I made the signs for the food out of wooden plaques and white picket fences that I found at Michael’s. I was so thrilled with how they turned out! Each food had its own “area” of the farm — the kids really loved going through and reading the signs as they got their food!

Once all the guests had gotten some grub, the *real* fun on the farm began! We went inside the barn for a small animal presentation by the farm staff!

Andrew was so excited when she started to bring the animals out. The kids got to meet all different kinds of animals. It was so fun to see their faces as they touched the ones they were a bit afraid of. But they were so brave!

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-35.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-46.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-52.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-53.jpg

We then headed outside so the kids could feed the large animals. They really loved this part!

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-74.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-64.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-79.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-66.jpg
While the other kids were busy feeding and petting the horses, goats, cows and sheep, Andrew was busy chasing the turkey. That’s my boy, right there.

Andrew's 2nd Birthday-95.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-99.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-100.jpgAndrew's 2nd Birthday-103.jpg

It was such a fun day on the farm! You can check out my post over on Dallas Moms Blog to read more about the venue, and why I loved it. If you have a toddler who loves animals, this is definitely the perfect place for a party!

Party Supplies:
Cupcakes and Smash Cake
Plastic Milk Bottles
Paper Straws
Cowboy Hats

Andrew’s Cowboy Photo by Tara Swain

What’s your favorite part of a birthday party?


Long Pin Farm Party


  1. Jessica Skidmore says

    SO FUN! Wish we could have been there! Give that adorable boy a big kiss from us!

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  3. Did you provide the table yourself? I’m considering this venue as well and came across your blog. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather! I did bring one card table that we used to display the cake. They have four picnic tables available for use, as well as a second table which we used to set the hats and bandanas on. We used one of the picnic tables for the food. Hope that helps!

  4. Victoria Worrel Brake says

    what were the items in the pasture patch? Key lime cookie cups?

  5. Very cute ideas! Can you tell me how you kept the mini picket fences for the food signs up so that they weren’t falling forward?

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