Wishful Wednesday: Hair!

Wishful Wednesday

It’s Wishful Wednesday again and this time, we’re supposed to talk about our hair. If you know me *at all,* you know that I have no sense of style. None. Nada. So, this week’s topic is one that I can definitely “wish upon a star for.”

I wish …  I had Katherine Heigl’s hair/hairstyle!
I mean, just look at her!
It’s so wavy, and bouncy, and flowing… I don’t think I’d look good as a blonde, but I wish that my hair would curl and bounce like that!
Sigh. Look at those curls.

I’d personally wear mine a little longer. But that’s just me. 🙂

All I get is board-straight, flat, mousy brown hair. Yuck. I can’t hold a curl to save my life. But hey, you live with whatcha got, right?

I especially loved her hair in the movie, The Ugly Truth. Yeah, that’s the reason I love that movie. *Not* a certain Scotsman whose mere voice puts my heart a’thumpin. No, it’s definitely Katherine Heigl’s hair.

Things are a little crazy this week with work, since school is back in session. But I’ll try my best to post something nerd-related later in the week.

‘Cause that’s why you read this thing, right? To learn more about Star Trek and Star Wars, right? ::::::crickets::::::
I thought so.

Until next time, live long and prosper!


  1. larisacapodieci.wordpress.com says

    my hair is wavy and thick and it doesn't hold curl like that either. it's movie / hair stylist magic!

  2. Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's says

    I think you would look super cute with her 'do!!! Those curls are fabulous, if only mine would hold a curl!

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