Sarah & Marc | The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes

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After an amazing rehearsal dinner, we were really excited for Sarah and Marc’s wedding. The wedding ceremony was held at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, where Sarah is a minister. I loved that they offered fun coloring books to entertain the kids during the ceremony.

Then, we headed to The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes for the reception. We stayed at the resort during our trip. It features an indoor water park and arcade. The rustic theme perfectly complimented the couple’s style for their reception.

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I just loved Sarah’s reception theme. They decorated the ballroom using mason jars, burlap, and white flowers. When it all came together, the pieces fit perfectly and the room looked elegant and romantic, while keeping the rustic and intimate feel.

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Here are just a few of my favorite touches:

  1. A map where guests could pin their hometown. I loved seeing how far people had traveled to come to the wedding!
  2. Mason jars tagged with guest names for drinks. The tags were color-coded by dinner entree, so we could sit where ever we wanted. Loved this!
  3. Beautiful centerpieces accented by romantic white flowers.

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Let me tell you something — that family knows how to party! Dinner was wonderful, and The Nerd and I even got to dance together.

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We hired a local student to babysit Andrew for a few hours. When we went up to the room, though, he was still wide awake. So we brought him back downstairs to party with the grown-ups.

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My little guy is such a good dancer! He loved dancing with Aunt Kate and the beautiful bride, Sarah!

We really had an amazing time at Sarah’s wedding and visiting The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes. It was such a beautiful location and romantic reception.

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  1. Candi Hurlburt says

    Looks like fun! Congrats all around!!

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