Texas Football Traditions with Ozarka Water

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I grew up watching Aggie Football with my grandpa. I’ll never forget sitting with him, watching the Bonfire burn before the annual game against UT. It was such a fun tradition that we shared, and something that I want to continue with my son.

Most weekends in the fall, you can find us in College Station tailgating before Aggie home games. It’s a tradition that we started last year, and one that Andrew loves.

Aggie Game with Andrew-004.jpgAggie Game with Andrew-005.jpg

When we tell him we’re going to the Aggie game, he gets so excited! He has his own “Aggie clothes” that he likes to wear, and he goes straight for the maroon on game day.

Aggie Wagon Tailgate-13.jpgAggie Wagon Tailgate-9.jpgTexas A&M Aggie Silverware #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

And when it’s game day, there’s no better place to be than an Aggie tailgate. It’s all about camaraderie, friendship, and hospitality. No one is a stranger, and everyone is welcome. The key to a great tailgate is little details, like this Hand-Stamped Texas A&M Silverware.

Texas A&M Aggie Forks #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

It’s really easy to make, and you could customize it for your own team. I used these disposable wooden forks and stamped them with some common Aggie phrases. They’ve been a huge hit at our tailgates!

I also really like these Write-On Labels on the Ozarka 8 oz. Minis to Go. They’d be perfect for a tailgate!

Arena and Andrew at Aggie GameAndrew watching Corps

For us, though, tailgating is about more than just great food and spending time with friends. It’s about sharing the traditions and values that are at the core of being an Aggie with our son. Aggieland is such a special place, and I love being able to share it with him.

Texas Traditions is something that Ozarka Water knows a lot about — Ozarka 100% Natural Spring Water has come from Texas for 100 years. You can only get Ozarka water in Texas. It comes from carefully selected Texas springs including Piney Woods Spring in Wood County, Moffit Spring in Walker County, and Roher Spring in Henderson.

Now, Ozarka is supporting Texas Traditions on a whole new level. They have partnered with the Southlake Carroll High School football program as the official bottled water of their Dragon Stadium. Can you just imagine the fun that takes place under those Friday Night Lights?

And with their “Taste the Texas Tradition” campaign, Ozarka is celebrating the many football traditions in Texas, from tailgating to victory celebrations. Share your favorite football traditions on Twitter or Facebook using #TexasTradition and #H2Ozarka to join in! Visit Ozarka on Facebook or follow @OzarkaSpringWtr to find out more.

I’m giving away a year supply of Ozarka Water to help support your Texas Football Traditions. Use the form below to enter to win.

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What are some of your football traditions?



  1. This is too cute, little man makes me want to cheer for the team.

  2. You made tailgating such a grand event! I love the stamped silverware! I know my kids would love to help with that project.

  3. Your family looks great in matching sports attire. Looks like you had an epic tailgate.

  4. I’ve never tailgated with my boys but you guys did it well! Now I want to try too!

  5. He’s adorable! How fun!

  6. Mike was accepted there and ended up staying here to take care of his Mom. I think a part of it still regrets missing that experience. I love football – and tailgating – looks like you guys have a fantastic time.

  7. What a great tailgate party. Makes me want to throw one!

  8. Love the bib! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! :)

  9. that really does look like a great time.

  10. What a great time! I love the matching attire!

  11. Looks like you had a blast! While I’m not a huge football fan (until the playoffs and Superbowl, LOL) I love a good tailgate party!

  12. I don’t live in Texas but our tradition is to watch the Super Bowl! :) Great giveaway, one can never have enough water.

  13. Dawn Monroe says:

    I didn’t know if I can enter since I’m in Ohio but we are huge football fans especially college. I like to make home made nachos and bbq meatballs for our tailgating.

  14. He is just adorable. I have yet to do a tailgating party. We are big hockey fans but most of our friends are football fans.

  15. Annette White says:

    Seriously love your tailgating ideas … And very well-written!

  16. Sadly we don’t have any. I love your pics!

  17. Coralee Flug - Burleson Swim Team says:

    I would love to win the water for our swim team. We have 42 swimmers and and meets we go through a lot of water. Fingers and Toes crossed. PS love the hand stamped silverware.

  18. I am a huge football fan, but Kentucky is definitely a basketball state.

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