spa810 Plano Massage Review

spa810 plano

spa810 Plano is the perfect retreat for North Texas moms. I am excited to partner with them over the next few months to try out some of their services and share my experience with you.

The spa is conveniently located for residents in Frisco, McKinney, Allen, and Plano. It’s the perfect Dallas area spa.

spa810 plano

spa810 Plano Massage Review


This month, I’m excited to share my spa810 Plano massage review. I decided to have a 50-minute Swedish massage. It was divine. The room was dark and relaxing, and my massage therapist was skilled and knowledgable.

Before the service, you fill out a massage profile that tells the therapist what areas to target and if there are any to avoid. I felt so comfortable and relaxed, I didn’t want the experience to end!

spa810 Plano offers monthly memberships so that you can take advantage of their services at a very affordable rate. Massage membership rates begin at $49, with non-member pricing at $89.

You can add on a foot scrub, hot stone, cold stone, or scalp treatment to personalize your massage even more.

spa810 Plano has the following massage options — there’s something for everyone!

  1. Signature Massage
  2. Prenatal Massage
  3. Deep Tissue Massage
  4. Trigger Point Therapy
  5. Swedish Massage
  6. Reflexology Treatment
  7. Pre-Event Sport Massage
  8. Post-Event Sport Massage

Massages are offered in 50-minute, 80-minute, or 120-minute time blocks.

The monthly membership makes it easy and affordable to enjoy the benefits of massage regularly. As moms, we sometimes neglect to care for ourselves. Just as you set aside time to go to the salon, it’s important to set aside time to take care of your body, too.

A spa810 Plano membership is the perfect way to do just that!


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