Judean Desert Jeep Tour in Israel

Judean Desert Jeep Tour

One of my favorite experiences in Israel was a Judean Desert Jeep Tour when we visited the Dead Sea. This fun off-road activity would be perfect for families with older children or adults looking for a unique experience.

Judean Desert Jeep Tour


We were picked up at the Isrotel Hotel in the Dead Sea Valley by our guide, Ari. After a short drive, we entered the desert and headed off-road.

Judean Desert Jeep TourJudean Desert Jeep Tour

The scenery was beautiful — tons of layered rocks, small caves, and salt deposits.

Judean Desert Jeep Tour Judean Desert Jeep TourJudean Desert Jeep Tour

We drove through a dry river bed, with Mount Sodom on one side and the Badlands on the other.

Some of the cliffs — part of the Great Rift Valley — are more than 40 million years old.

Judean Desert Jeep TourJudean Desert Jeep TourJudean Desert Jeep Tour

We stopped at Wadi Pratzim. The view was amazing and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to take perfect jump photos!

The Judean Desert Jeep Tour was such a fun day trip during our time in the Dead Sea Valley. Here is a similar tour to the one we took. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is visiting this part of Israel.

Be sure to check out all of the details from my trip to Israel. Thanks to Marina from Mommy Snippets and the Ministry of Tourism for allowing me to experience this wonderful land!



  1. Marshal Cobb says:

    So cool to see and I want to do this so bad. I just fear that if the jeep broke down there would be no tow truck company in radius to help but I have to conquer that fear as a professional trucker. Looks so fun though!

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