How To Make a Homecoming Mum

Disclosure: I partnered with OZARKA® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water to bring you this tutorial for how to make a Homecoming Mum. All opinions are my own.

How To Make a Homecoming Mum

As a Texas native, it’s always been on my bucket list to learn how to make a Homecoming Mum. Nothing says fall in Texas quite like the Friday Night Lights at a homecoming game, with girls proudly wearing their mums for all to see.

I love this tradition so much that when OZARKA asked me to write a tutorial for how to make a Homecoming Mum, I quickly agreed — even though I don’t have a daughter to use it!

Luckily, my cousin just entered her freshman year of high school, so this was the perfect opportunity to pay it forward and give her a mum she could be proud of.

OZARKA has more than 100 years of Texas heritage — they’ve always played an integral role in the fabric of Texas communities and high school football is no exception.

For the second consecutive year, OZARKA is proud to support the Southlake Carroll High School football program as the official spring water of Dragon Stadium.

This season, OZARKA will be celebrating the three main facets of Texas high school football — community pride, homecoming and tailgating. I’ve partnered with them to bring homecoming to life and share my tips and tricks for how to make the best mums around.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and mums are no exception!

I decided to start small with a single mum, since this was my first try. But this tutorial can easily be adapted to double or even triple mums — just add more flowers and loops and points!

I also stuck with two primary colors (blue and white) with some silver accents. You could add more colors, just coordinate your ribbon sizes accordingly!

How To Make a Homecoming Mum


How to Make a Homecoming Mum


Here’s what you need to make a Homecoming Mum:

  1. 12 yards #16 ribbon in Color #1 (2-inches wide)
  2. 8 yards #16 ribbon in Color #2 (2-inches wide)
  3. 3 yards #9 ribbon in Color #1 (1.25-inches wide)
  4. 4 yards #9 ribbon in Color #2 (1.25-inches wide)
  5. 2 yards #5 ribbon in Color #2 (7/8-inches wide)
  6. 5 yards #3 ribbon in Color #1 (3/8-inches wide)
  7. 5 yards #3 ribbon in Color #2 (3/8-inches wide)
  8. Accent ribbons and accessories in 1-yard length
  9. Glitter letter stickers spelling HOMECOMING 2015 (and names, if desired)
  10. Cardboard Mum Backing (should come with three layers)
  11. Large Mum Flower
  12. Quality Stapler (This is *so* important!)
  13. Hot Glue Gun and Gluesticks
  14. Measuring Tape

How to Make a Homecoming Mum

Begin by assembling the loops for your mum backing. Cut 8 sets of #16 ribbon that are 6 inches long in Color #2. Cut 8 sets of #9 ribbon that are 6 inches long in Color #1.

Lay one set of each color ribbon on top of each other and fold to create a loop. Staple on one end. Repeat for the remaining 7 pieces.

Staple four loops around the mum backing using the center circle as a guide to ensure the ribbon is centered. You want one at each point to create a cross.

Add the four remaining loops to the backing in the spaces between the others. Again, use the center circle to ensure that the ribbon is centered.

How to Make a Homecoming Mum

Now it’s time to add the points. Cut 8 pieces that are 6 inches long in #9 ribbon in Color #1. Then cut 8 pieces that are 6 inches long in #5 ribbon in Color #2.

Layer the ribbons like before, this time folding them across vertically to create a point. Staple in place.

Fill in the gaps between the loops on your cardboard backing with the points. These will lift a bit and give the backing some dimension.

How to Make a Homecoming Mum

Now, we’ll create a looped ribbon to spell HOMECOMING 2015. You’ll need 17 loops to fit the entire phrase, leaving blank loops at the beginning and end.

Cut 17 pieces of #16 ribbon in Color #1 that are 6 inches long. Then cut 17 pieces of #9 ribbon in Color #2 that are 6 inches long. You’ll also need a piece of #16 ribbon in Color #1 that is 1 yard long.

Layer the ribbon and loop the ends together like we did in the first step. Staple the ends together.

Attach the loops to the 1 yard ribbon using staples. Work from the bottom to the top, making sure that each loop overlaps the one under it and hides the staples.

How To Make a Homecoming MumHow To Make a Homecoming Mum

Cut the remaining ribbon into 1 yard long pieces, including any accent ribbon or trinket strings that you bought.

Start assembling the streamers by stapling them to another cardboard backing sheet, just under the circle opening.

You want a base layer of #16 ribbons in your two colors, overlapping each other and alternating colors. Add a few accent ribbons on top.

How To Make a Homecoming Mum

Cut the #3 ribbons into 1-yard pieces and add them on top. You can then add the Loop Ribbon and Trinket Strings on top of them.

How To Make a Homecoming Mum

Cut two small pieces of ribbon for the neck strap and staple onto the top. The two pieces will tie together to let the mum hang from the neck.

How To Make a Homecoming Mum How To Make a Homecoming Mum

Add hot glue onto the front of your loops and points backing, then place the mum flower onto it, stringing it through the open hole.

Glue that cardboard backing to the one with the streamers, then glue the final cardboard backing onto the back to cover the staples.

How To Make a Homecoming Mum How To Make a Homecoming Mum-35


Now your mum is ready to add any accents, letters, stickers, and trinkets! Hot glue them into place and you’re done!

How To Make a Homecoming MumHow To Make a Homecoming Mum

Did you enjoy learning how to make a Homecoming Mum?

Now that you’ve finished, celebrate with a bottle of OZARKA®, which is sourced only from carefully selected springs in Texas and contains naturally occurring minerals for a refreshing, crisp, and clean taste.

What’s your favorite Homecoming memory or tradition? Share here in the comments or on the OZARKA® Brand Facebook Page!



  1. I don’t see how the mum is supposed to be worn??

  2. where did you purchase your materials from? I was looking at Michaels for the flower, but don’t see any online… do you prefer a specific online store?

  3. Hey guys. Y’all can get this ribbon at hobby lobby. Especially around homecoming time. They usually have every color for the school your child attends. They also have the bells, Pom poms. Cheer leaders. Football players, and many things that say homecoming on them. Ribbons like the double colored ones aren’t easy to come by in person so you usually have to use two, layer one on top of the other. I have even made mums that light up!! Be prepared to spend. The fancy ribbons can cost as much as 1.50 for 1. Also I buy my bells off season so that saves a little! The stuffed animals for the center run about $6. Also they will have the stickers there. If you want to save time, usually a local flourish will have kits in a bag for around $30. Just take them home and do it yourself!!

  4. Sharon Melman says

    Where do you get the cardboard Mum Backing

  5. She made hers to be worn over the neck…like as a necklace.

    Another couple of ways to wear them is to do the following… Make a looped ribbon (just like she made at the beginning, except with just one ribbon instead of two overlapping) and staple and /or hot glue it to the top of the backing that has all the ribbon hanging from it. You’ll use a bigger safety pin to attach it to your shoulder or you can make a shorter mum altogether and wear it at the hip…attached to the top part of the jeans.

    I LOVE making mums and garters every year!

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