Easy Handmade Valentines Cards

Handmade Valentines

Are you getting ready for your child’s classroom Valentine’s Day party next week? I’ve got some easy handmade Valentines cards that you can print out at home and send to school.

“Color Your Heart Out” Heart-Shaped Crayon Valentines


Heart Crayon Valentines

These Valentines are perfect for toddlers who love to color. Use broken crayons from around your house and a heart-shaped silicon mold to make marbled heart-shaped crayons.

GoGo squeeZ “I Like You Berry Much” Valentines


GoGo squeez Valentines

Your child’s classmates will enjoy this fun and healthy treat, dressed up as a Cupid’s heart. All you need is some GoGo squeez pouches and some crafting supplies.

Lightning McQueen KA-CHOW Valentines


Lightning McQueen Valentines Cards

My son *loves* Disney’s Cars, and so these are the Valentines we’re sending to school. Just attach a Cars-themed toy or Lightning McQueen figure and you’re all set!

“DOH You Want To Be My Valentine?” Play-dough Valentines


Play-Doh Valentines

Print out these cards, which are perfectly sized for tubs of Play-dough! Your kids and their friends will love getting to play together with these fun Valentines.

“Your Friendship Blows Me Away” Valentines With Bubbles


Easy Bubble Valentines

If you’ve got a bubble-loving kid, these Valentines cards are perfect to send to school. Just attach some bubbles and you’ve got a cute and easy Valentine!

Robot Valentine’s Day Cards


Robot Valentines Day Cards

I’m not a huge fan of candy Valentines, but these Robot Valentine’s Day cards are just too cute. Use heart-shaped candy to attach to the cards as the robot’s heart. So fun!


Plus, check out these fun ideas from my favorite bloggers!

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Looking for more inspiration?


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