DIY Stacking game


Need an easy game to entertain kids of all ages? Try these stacking blocks.   With summer right around the corner, backyard barbecues will become a weekly staple at our house. There is nothing more fun than gathering with friends and family and enjoying great food in the warm summer air.


Whenever I am planning a backyard barbecue, I always feel stressed in having something for the kids. Let’s be honest, there is nothing that ruins a fun evening than whining kids. Here are some of my tips for keeping the grumpy kids at bay and letting the adults enjoy themselves.

juicyjuice61: Always have bubbles. There is something about bubbles that can entertain everyone. I recommend having small bottles of them so even the little ones can do them. juicyjuice5

2: Have kid friendly food and drink. Or go to is always hot dogs and watermelon on the food end. For drink we try and stay clear of soda (none of us need sugared up kids at the end of the night). Our favorite drink that all the kids seem to love is Juicy Juice Splashers. They have 50% less sugar compared to other juices and are only sweetened with fruit juice. Juicy Juice Splashers are made from 50/50 blend of fruit juice and filtered water, which is why it contains 50% less sugar compared to other juice drinks. I also love that they have no artificial sweeteners or colors and no High Fructose Corn Syrup. Let’s not forget that they contain 100% Daily Value of Vitamin C. They come in four great flavors: fruit punch pictured), berry lemonade, tropical twist and peach mango. If you want to learn more about Juicy Juice Splashers or find offers go to   juicyjuice7

3: Have a simple yet challenging game. One of our favorites is the pool noodle stacking game. Here is how you can make it for your next party:


Instructions: Purchase 4-5 pool noodles. Cut them into 13 in pieces. juicyjuice8

How to play: Lay 2 Pool noodles on the ground about 8 inches apart. Continue to stack 2 noodles alternating directions. Have fun!

What are your must haves for backyard barbecues?




  1. I have now another idea to add on the games we’ll be playing for Halloween! Thanks much.

  2. Brielle Luna says

    I just want to thank you guys for posting this here. We were able to use this as a recreational activity during our Jamboree, Though, we have made some modifications for it since we have adolescents as participants. Anyways, this was such a wonderful and smart idea!

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