DIY Beach Bag with Capri Sun Fish Pocket

Disclosure: I crafted this DIY Beach Bag using Capri Sun pouches as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #CapriSunMomFactor

DIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactor

Summer is here, and it seems that I have a little fish on my hands. We’ve been making the trek to the pool every day, and there is a LOT of stuff to haul around. So I got out my sewing machine and created this DIY Beach Bag.

My son loves Capri Sun pouches, so I decided to use some empty ones to decorate the beach bag. This was a fun craft, and he loves the big eyes on the fish! Plus, I used a laundry bag, so it can stand up to all the wet clothes and towels that we tend to throw around.

DIY Beach Bag with Capri Sun Fish Pocket

Note: Adult supervision is required for this activity.

Capri Sun Pool Bag Supplies #CapriSunMomFactor

Drawstring Laundry Bag
1/4 yard Colorful Fabric
2 Empty Capri Sun Pouches, cleaned
Googly Eyes
Fabric Glue
Sewing Machine


DIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactor

Cut the laundry bag along its side seam, so that you get a section that is 15 inches wide and 18 inches tall, when folded. Make sure to keep the seam along the bottom intact.

Sewing a DIY Beach Bag #CapriSunMomFactor

Sew a seam along the top of the bag.

Cut off the plastic stopper so that you can remove the drawstring from the scraps of the bag. Take the drawstring and cut it in half. Attach a piece of string to each side of the bag by sewing the ends into place. Set aside.

Now, we’ll make the pocket. Cut your colorful fabric so that it’s 8.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Fold the edges so that there is a 1/4 inch seam along each side. Iron it down if needed.

Sew a seam along the top of the pocket. Set aside.

Cut Fish From Capri Sun Pouches #CapriSunMomFactor

Cut the Capri Sun pouches open, and cut three fish outlines from it.

Capri Sun Fish Pouch #CapriSunMomFactor

Glue the fish onto the pocket, add eyes, and allow to dry fully.

Sewing DIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactor

Pin the pocket onto the outside of the bag. Sew along the sides and bottom to attach it to the front of the bag.

Turn the bag inside-out and sew along the side to create a seam.

DIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactor

Didn’t it turn out fun?

DIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactorDIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactor

We took the bag — and a case of Capri Sun — to the pool this weekend and had a blast.

DIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactorCapri Sun By Pool #CapriSunMomFactorDIY Beach Bag Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactorBeach Ball in Pool #CapriSunMomFactorToddler Drinking Capri Sun #CapriSunMomFactor

What are you waiting for? Throw all of your pool essentials inside and hit the water! The pocket is the perfect size to keep a Capri Sun stashed inside. It’s a fun way to hydrate!*

*Consume a variety of beverages every day.

If you would like to get more involved with Capri Sun, you can do so here.

What are your pool essentials?


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