Author Interview: Kiersten White

Today, I have a super-fun throwback to the Fall into Fantasy event!

Last month, I had the awesome chance to participate in this event highlighting five 2010 paranormal debuts.

I interviewed Andrea Cremer and Brenna Yovanoff and gave away some pretty sweet signed books, too.

Today, I get to participate in a round-robin-style interview of Kiersten White, author of Paranormalcy.

I got to meet Kiersten (who is adorable!) during her book tour, and was so excited to have the chance to ask her a question about her novel!

Check out my review to read my thoughts on Paranormalcy.

And now, on to the interview!

Each blogger on the tour today was able to ask Kiersten one question:

 If you had Lend’s ability to disguise yourself as anyone, who would you most want to look like and why?
“Gosh, isn’t that a strange question?  And it goes back to what I think Lend’s core struggle is–when he can look like anyone, how does he figure out who he really is?  Because as awesome as it would be to walk around looking like [insert hot starlet du jour here], you’d always know that it wasn’t really you that people liked looking at.  Just another way of exploring the questions of identity that are core to the book and to being a teenager in general!
That being said, I don’t have anyone I’d be dying to look like for a day–unless I could also steal their brains and ways of thinking, in which case I’d look like M. T. Anderson or Gayle Forman or John Green or Laini Taylor.  Because talented writers = HOT.”
I totally agree. Talented writers = HOT :)
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Thanks so much to Kiersten for the chance to find out more about her book, and to Casey from The Bookish Type for organizing this fun event!

Happy Reading!


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