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Seductive Tables for Two by Moll Anderson #CBias #SeductiveTables

Moll Anderson, Seductive Tables for Two, Lifestyle and romance expert, entertaining at home, #SeductiveTables, #CBias

Since having a baby, The Nerd and I have really had to work on keeping the romance alive in our relationship. Like all new parents, we have had to make keeping the spark in our marriage a priority.

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Verizon Wireless: Windows Phone 8 Kids Corner #VZWA

Windows Phone Kids Corner-13.jpg

One of my absolute favorite features in my new phone, is the Windows Phone 8 Kids Corner.

Built directly into the operating system, Kids Corner is a feature that grants your little ones access only to the apps, games, videos, and music you choose for them, so you can relax and let them play.

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Wright Brand Bacon Buffalo BLT #MealsTogether #CBias

Wright Bacon BLT-11.jpg

Last weekend, we had the chance to meet Jay Novacek at the Wright Bacon Bowl at Sam’s Club in Plano. Growing up, my dad and grandpa were HUGE Cowboys fans. I remember going to visit my grandparents to watch the games. My dad still makes a point to watch the Cowboys on Sundays during the NFL season, so I knew I wanted to get #84’s autograph for him.

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WD Elements External Hard Drive

WD Elements External Hard Drive

I take thousands of photos. From documenting memories when we travel to keeping up with Andrew’s everyday moments, my camera is constantly clicking away. One of the hardest things for me is organizing all of those photos in a way that doesn’t bog down my computer and suck up storage.

For a while, I’ve been using a portable external hard drive to save my photos. I’m constantly worried, though, that I’ll drop it and lose everything that I’ve so diligently catalogued.

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Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Mini Chicken Pot Pies-1.jpg

One of my favorite comfort foods that’s perfect for a cold winter night is chicken pot pie. I grew up eating the stuff and I just love it. But with such a small family, I like to cook large meals so that I can save leftovers for a second meal.
These Mini Chicken Pot Pies are made in small, wide-mouth mason jars so that you can put the lid on them and freeze them for a later date. Just pull out how many pies you want to make and put them right in the oven. The jars are designed for canning and can handle extreme temperature changes without breaking.

Plus, they’re really cute so you could serve them if friends come over!

Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Adapted from:
(Makes 8 mini pies)


2 boxes refrigerated pie crusts
1/3 c butter
1/3 c chopped onion
1/3 c all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 3/4 c low-sodium chicken broth
1/2 c milk
3 c cooked chicken, shredded
1 bag frozen mixed vegetables (carrots and peas)


Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Prepare jars by washing and drying. Cut each of the pie crusts (there are four total) into quarters. Press each quarter into a jar, making sure the crust completely covers the jar.
In a large skillet over medium heat, melt butter. Add onions and sauté for two minutes, until fragrant. Stir in flour, salt and pepper and mix well. Gradually add broth and milk, stirring continuously and cooking until thick.

Add the frozen vegetables and cook for a few more minutes, stirring continuously. Add in the chicken.

Spoon chicken mixture into the prepared pie jars, filling to the brim. Top with the remaining pie crust quarters, using the tops of the jars to cut the dough to size, or creating a lattice pattern using thin strips of dough. Remember to make sure there are vents in the tops of the pies if you don’t use the lattice pattern (it will have vents on its own).

Bake 15 minutes until crust starts to turn golden brown. Cover in foil and bake another 15-20 minutes.

Mini Chicken Pot PiesMini Chicken Pot Pies-6.jpg


I’m linking up this recipe here: Protection Status