Wookiee Cookies

Wookie Cookies-051 copy

A while back, I received a copy of the Star Wars Cookbook. One of the first recipes I wanted to try was this one for Wookiee Cookies.

I was really intrigued by the cinnamon mixed into the batter. And TWO kinds of chocolate chip cookies? How could I resist?

And who doesn’t love a good wookie? WAAHHHHHHH!


Source: The Star Wars Cookbook

Wookie Cookies-050 copy



  1. That sounds interesting! I’ve never had a chocolate chip cookie with cinnamon. Funny you should mention this, though. I help my son’s school librarian for a couple of hours each week with shelving books. She recently got a bunch of new books and this cookbook was one of them. I was hoping my son would check it out! :) She said lots of boys have been checking it out and telling her about all the recipes they’ve tried.

  2. Nice, and I respectfully correct you on your spelling of fictitious creatures — it’s spelled “Wookiee” 😛

  3. thenerdswife says:

    LOL…I will correct it. Thanks, Antony!

  4. So, how were they?

  5. thenerdswife says:

    They were delish… They’re already gone and I made them three days ago. I’m almost ashamed to admit that…there’s only the two of us. :)

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