How to Turn Your Kid’s Handwriting Into a Font + Tablet Giveaway!

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Kids Handwriting Font

It’s amazing how much technology has changed our lives. I’ve been using my Intel 2 in 1 device for all sorts of things, but my favorite thing I’ve done is make a font using my niece’s handwriting. It is such a cool concept, I wanted to share How to Turn Your Kid’s Handwriting Into a Font so you can do it, too!

For this activity, I used my Microsoft Surface Pro 3. This amazing device doubles as a tablet and a laptop — just snap on the keyboard and you’ve got a fully-functioning computer, complete with a touchpad mouse. Take off the keyboard and use the Surface Pen to quickly take notes on a handy tablet.

The Surface Pen might just be my favorite part of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. I’ve done everything from take notes during meetings, to check off a shopping list at the grocery store. And my son loves to create artwork with it.

How to Turn Your Kid’s Handwriting Into a Font


For this tutorial, we’ll be using the Surface Pen to allow your child to write directly on the tablet.

First, you’ll need to download the iFontMaker app. It’s available for iOS and Windows in their respective app stores for $4.99. This app is so awesome and is totally worth the price point. You’ll be making all kinds of fonts after downloading it!

Next, just use the app to create your font. Each screen will show a letter, and your child should draw that letter on its respective screen.

Kids Handwriting FontKids Handwriting Font

Continue until they’ve drawn all uppercase and lowercase letters. You might also need to go back through and retrace letters to even thickness, etc. You can even erase mistakes if needed.

When your font is ready, click the “Settings” button, then choose “Upload and Build.”

Kids Handwriting Font
Make sure to name your font something fun. We chose “Rat Attack” because River’s nickname is River Rat. Here’s how her font turned out:

Kids Handwriting Font
Click here to download the Rat Attack font.

Just think of all the fun things you could do when you turn your kid’s handwriting into a font. You could have them type letters to Santa. You could make fun holiday cards using their handwriting. You could even have them type thank you notes using it!

Ready to get started? You’ll need your own tablet!


I’m giving away an ASUS MeMO Pad 7 for one lucky reader this holiday season, courtesy of Intel!

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    I actually like the idea of making a font like you did here. I bet it would be great for drawing graphics too.

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  22. Amanda Baker says:

    This looks so neat!! I’d love to have this for a couple of reasons. I really enjoy drawing, painting, and making art so I’d definitely use it for myself, but I’d also love to share this with my daughter. It’d be a great way to bond with her and I know she’d love it. Thank you for doing this amazing giveaway!!

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