Tissue Flower Bouquet to Say I Love You

I’m showcasing the new Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #KleenexBetseyStyle

DIY Tissue Bouquet

This Tissue Flower Bouquet is the perfect way to express your love to that special someone for Lover’s Day next month. I’m displaying mine next to the gorgeous bright packaging of the new Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson KleenexBetsey Johnson Kleenex Tissue Bouquet

I am in LOVE with the Kleenex Brand Ready to Care Collection by Betsey Johnson. The boxes are perfect for adding a bit of fun to your home decor or your desk. And the slim packs are a fun accessory to keep in your bag for when you find yourself in a “stuffy” situation.

The bright colors and fun designs remind me of my Nanny Nori. I saw her as a style icon growing up — she always wears bright, fun colors, and even her home reflects that style.

She’s actually the person who taught me how to make Tissue Flower Bouquets. I remember being at her house and spending hours making tissue flowers with her. Isn’t it fun how the smallest things can remind you of a fond memory?

I dressed up my Tissue Flower Bouquets by spritzing a bit of water with food coloring onto a few of the finished flowers — this gives them a splash of color to match the Betsey Johnson designs!

Tissue Flower Bouquets


What you need to make Tissue Flower Bouquets:

Kleenex Brand tissues
Green pipe cleaners
Spray bottle with some water
Food coloring

Fold a tissue lengthwise back and forth into an accordion shape. Fold that in half, then twist a pipe cleaner onto the bottom to hold it in place.

Pull apart the two layers of tissue to separate them and form a flower shape. Lightly spray with colored water and allow to dry, them add to a vase to create a beautiful bouquet.

Betsey Johnson Kleenex QuoteBetsey Johnson Kleenex

These would make such a fun gift for someone that you love.

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