‘Tis the Season

You know what I love about the Christmas season? Decorating. Cooking. Baking. Wrapping presents. Everything.

And (as you know) I’ve been on this blog kick, browsing recipes and dying to try them. I’ve already shared the Double Chocolate Chews recipe. I’ve also tried the Sugar Cookies recipe from Kate and Sara at Our Best Bites (so yummy!).

Well, what do I do with all of these yummy goodies that I’ve baked? It’s just me and The Nerd, and I’m not too keen on gaining 50 pounds this holiday season. So I’ve decided to give them away!

Tomorrow night is my office dinner, and I’m going to be loaded down with boxes of cookies for everyone. I thought I’d share some photos of the finished products:

Look at those cookies! I got lazy and used pre-packaged cookie icing.

Y-U-M. And I just love that polka dot wax tissue paper. Yes, you read right – *wax* tissue paper.

Side-by-side. I used decorator’s sugar on some of the sugar cookies and iced some of them.

The tins I’m packaging them in. I bought them at Wal-Mart. I love that they match the tissue paper!

A look at the top. The bow is made from the *most* awesome ribbon ever. It’s from the Container Store and is white. It’s perfect for packaging like this because it’s not easily smashed and will bounce right back up!
Well, that was my adventure today! Looking forward to handing them out tomorrow night!
Thanks for looking!

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