Teaching children with Lenovo Yoga 3 #Intel2in1


Keep learning with your children this summer with the help of a Lenovo Yoga 3. With three little ones at home, I have to keep up with activities to keep them busy during the summer. While none of them are in school yet, I want to help their little minds to grow and learn. Lenovo Yoga 3 is perfect for this. We have set goals for ourselves this summer. Aside from a daily reading goal, we are working on writing, math, and memorization. My Intel 2in1 device is helping me and my kids accomplish these goals – while keeping things fun. All three of my kids love my Lenovo Yoga and with all that this device can do, it’s so perfect for a family! DSC_0043

While we do a lot of organic, hands on activities,  I love that we can pull out our favorite apps or favorite websites all in one place. I think it is so important to bring fun, visual activities in as part of our daily routines. We love working on letter recognition and sounds on our Intel2in1 device.


I also love that we are not tied down to one location on our Lenovo Yoga 3. I love its portability and flexibility. We can literally use it anywhere. One of my favorite ways to use it, is on the floor. This helps build core and neck strength while they are learning. So important!  

My boys also LOVE to do math games on it. I love that within seconds we can flip it back to the traditional setting and my boys can learn how to use a keyboard! The Lenovo Yoga 3 is a multimode laptop. It has FOUR amazing modes! This amazing device transforms from tablet, tent, laptop, and stand.

I am constantly amazed at how incredibly kid-friendly it is.  The screen flips back 360 degrees. It’s vibrant, multitouch display keeps my kids engaged. It has smart software that quickly switches you from each mode, optimizing it to your use. It is so light at only 2.6 lbs – with up to 9 hours of battery life – Yoga 3 Pro is the ultimate ultraportable making it so easy to travel with. I love pulling it out of my bag when we are out and about and getting our “school time” in while multitasking. Other awesome features are: Intel Core M Processors, Windows 8.1, FHD Display, Yoga Harmony, Fast Internet Speeds and Intelligent Audio. I also love that with it’s dazzling Quad-HD display, the Yoga 3 Pro breaks the mold set by other portable devices that settle for lackluster colors and blurry details.


What are some ways that you are keeping your kid’s mind engaged and learning this summer?

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