Moody Gardens Festival of Lights

Moody Gardens Festival of Lights

Galveston is quickly becoming one of my favorite travel destinations in Texas. Andrew and I recently took a road trip south to explore Moody Gardens during their media tour of the Festival of Lights, and it didn’t disappoint!

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5 Reasons To Take Your Toddler To Moody Gardens #CCLGALV

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On our recent trip to Galveston, we had the chance to visit Moody Gardens and stay at the hotel there. It had been years since I’d been to Moody Gardens, and I was excited to experience all there is to see and do there.

Our trip was sponsored by the Galveston Island Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Carnival Cruise Lines. One thing that really impressed me was that Moody Gardens — along with several other Galveston hotels — offers free shuttle service to the cruise terminal at the Galveston Port. For what you would pay in parking near the terminal, you could stay in a hotel for the night and experience a bit of the Galveston attractions. Love that!

Moody Gardens is a wonderful property with tons of things to do on site. There is so much to experience that you could spend an entire weekend there! Think of everything that your little one would enjoy — a zoo, aquarium, beach, pool, movies, boat ride — and they’ve got it, all in one location!

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