Swingin'…Just Swingin'…


Andy and Alex take River to the park all of the time. I’ve never seen a child who loves to go to the park as much as that little girl.

And her favorite thing to do? Swing.


She likes to swing high and fast. Andy pushes her and she just squeals with delight!


That is the face of a happy child.

What makes your kids happy?


Mine like to play fetch in the back yard… :p



  1. My 14 month old daughter can sit on the seesaw for over an hour and just people watch lol

  2. Awww, swinging was the BEST! (In the innocent sense, obviously). And I liked climbing about on those parallel bar things, that was fun. I didn’t like the seesaw though, I was only small so the other person was usually heavier than me and I’d bounce horribly off the seat when I hit the top! :)

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