SeaWorld San Antonio: Shamu Rocks!

Shamu Rocks

One thing that we could not miss during our AdventureCon trip was SeaWorld San Antonio: Shamu Rocks! I was really excited to see the killer whales in action and I knew that Andrew would really love this show.

It did not disappoint — we got to sing and dance to rock music before the show began, and then the killer whales took the stage. Wow. These really are beautiful and majestic animals and I was amazed at all that they could do.

Sea World AdventureCon-026.jpgSea World AdventureCon-027.jpgSea World AdventureCon-031.jpgSea World AdventureCon-028.jpgSea World AdventureCon-030.jpgSea World AdventureCon-033.jpg

It was really fun when they splashed the audience. One of my favorite parts was when the whales interacted with each other! Killer whales are such social animals, and it was neat to see them dancing and swimming together.

Of course, their amazing acrobatics were really awesome, too!

This is definitely one show you do not want to miss! It’s a party after dark featuring live music, a spectacle of lights and digital media all showcasing the world’s favorite killer whale, Shamu! It really is the perfect way to end a hot summer night.

SeaWorld San Antonio: Shamu Rocks! runs June 8 to August 18, 2013 during summer nights. Visit the park website to learn more!

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Have you ever been to SeaWorld San Antonio? What’s your favorite show at the park?


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