Samsung Galaxy S III from Verizon Wireless: Such an Awesome Camera!

Samsung Galaxy S III-010.jpg

One of my favorite things about the Samsung Galaxy S III from Verizon Wireless is the camera.

Since becoming a Mom, I take more and more photos on my phone. So it’s really important to me that my phone has an awesome camera.

One of the best things about the Galaxy’s camera is that there is no shutter delay. You click the button to take the picture and it immediately takes it, unlike my iPhone, which always pauses before taking the photo. This often results in blurry limbs in my pictures.

Samsung Galaxy S III-013.jpg

The camera has many different options built-in, like HDR mode and a burst mode, so you don’t necessarily need an app to add cool effects to your photos.

Samsung Galaxy S III-011.jpg

This is the Burst Mode. It automatically takes a string of eight consecutive photos. You can even enable the “Best Photo” option and the phone will automatically select the best photo from the burst series.

Samsung Galaxy S III-014.jpg

Another awesome thing is that it allows you to share your photos on Instagram (or other social media sites, including email) right from the camera itself.

Samsung Galaxy S III-007.jpg

How awesome is that? Follow me on Instagram to see the photos I’m taking with my Samsung Galaxy S III — I take A LOT. :)

What feature do you wish your camera phone had?



**Disclaimer** I am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador. I received a wireless device and phone/data plan free of charge to use for review and evaluation of Verizon Wireless products and services. As part of the program, I was asked to share my opinions with others, however, my opinions are my own. Please contact with any questions about the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors’ Program.


  1. Now I really, really want that phone!


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