Progressive Snapshot Test Drive

Last month, I was asked by Progressive to try Snapshot Test Drive. I’ve seen commercials for it, and thought it would be neat to see if we could get any additional savings. I mean, hey, every bit counts, you know?

When we got the device in the mail, I asked The Nerd to install it for me. I didn’t really know what it would entail and envisioned this complicated process. But in reality, it was so simple! You just plug it into the diagnostic port in your car’s dashboard. So simple!

Once it was installed, it was really simple. I actually forgot about it for a while. Then, I received my first savings report. It was delivered right to my email and detailed what happened that week when I drove.

They evaluate your driving on three things: Hard Brakes (the device beeps every time it records a hard brake), Rapid Acceleration and Miles Driven. The report gives you tips on how to improve your driving, which I found  very helpful.

I got four reports in all, and in the end, Progressive couldn’t offer me any additional savings. But that’s ok. I’m still glad I tried it out, if for nothing else than to see my driving details.



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Disclaimer: I was asked to test and review the Progressive Snapshot Test Drive and in exchange, I received a $50 gas card. Information was provided by Progressive, but all opinions are my own. 

Content and/or other value provided by my partner, Progressive.

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