My Poor Sick Baby

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This is my reality right now: Rocking a fussy, sick baby. Trying to get him comfortable for just long enough so he’ll fall back asleep.

When Andrew was born, I thought his time in the NICU was the worst thing I would have to experience — the separation, not knowing if there would be complications and just living day-to-day.

We were blessed — there were no major complications and Andrew grew and thrived. He came home after only three weeks and has done so well since then.

But the last month, we’ve been battling illness in our little man. And I can honestly say this is the most helpless I’ve ever felt.

It’s nothing too serious, but it seems like as soon as he’s over one sickness, another pops up. Right now, we’re battling a double ear infection, after two bouts of strep throat last month.

Let me tell you, it isn’t fun.

It is so hard seeing my normally happy, giggling little angel with tears streaming down his face because he hurts so bad.

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How do you nurse your babies when they’re sick?



  1. Aww, poor Andrew. I will so pray for him to get better. I can’t imagine how helpless you must feel when he is so sick like that. I am not a mother but knowing when a baby is sick and not being able to make him better right then must be so hard.

    *hugs* – Beckie

  2. Wirh Aiden, I would sleep with him in our big chair so he would be upright while sleeping. It is the worst feeling in the world not to be able to make them feel better immediately:(

  3. My sister had this same problem with her baby a couple months ago. It went on forever and then ended in a bout of double ear infections. When she tried to nurse her she would pull away because she couldn’t breathe or her ears were hurting. But eventually it passed and now the baby is happy and healthy again. I had something that drug on like this and a lot of people I know have had the same thing happen this year. Whatever has been going around has been particularly bad. It is awful to feel helpless when your baby is sick.

  4. Be gentle with Andrew. I know I’m sort of late, and I think Andrew’s better already, but being gentle and caring always helps. Praying too.

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