Mommy’s Little Monster

Baby is a Monster-007

On our recent trip to Canada, Andrew decided it was time to get in his two bottom teeth.

Yes, you read that right. My son grew TWO teeth while we were in a foreign country.

Since then, he has decided that his new favorite way to play is EATING Mommy’s legs. I like to call him my Little Monster.

Andrew is a Monster

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  1. oh wow that is just too cute! I have four boys and none of them ate my pants but they did eat my hair… lol He is adorable! and I am Canadian go Canada woot!

  2. Is Canada really ‘foreign’? :) LOL… sucks to go through teething while in any sort of unusual scenario… sucks to go through teething at all! Way to get through that one!

  3. What a sweetie! My son loves to play with my feet and tries to munch them all the time. Not sure how I feel about that… 😉

  4. I love the video of him chewing on your leg! My daughter is teething like a fool and has been chewing on me every chance she gets too. :-) Too cute!

  5. Right! Who needs toys when you can eat Mommy’s legs? 😉

  6. Haha! That’s great! Just wait until he has all his teeth, than it becomes scary.


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