Magic-al Cookies

In honor of the Rise of the Eldrazi launch today, I made a little something special.
Remember our conversation about Magic: The Gathering and the five colors of mana?
Each color has its own set of values associated with it:
White (Plains): Order, Protection, Light
Blue (Island): Knowledge, Manipulation, Illusion
Black (Swamp): Darkness, Ambition, Death
Red (Mountain): Freedom, Emotion, Impulse

Green (Forest): Growth, Instinct, Nature
Now, you may be wondering to yourself…Are those cookies with Magic symbols on them?
Yes, indeedy, they are!
I made them using this cookie recipe, Glace icing and candy melts!
Here’s the whole set:
I really love the Forest cookies and the Mountain cookies.
Now we can rock the RoE launch party this weekend in style!
Happy Friday!


  1. Oh hell yeah, I'd tap that…mana has never looked so good.

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