It’s Me, Mario…

Halloween 2012-008.jpg

The past week has been chaos, so please excuse my absence. Andrew and I both have strep and I’m playing catch-up with everything. Nothing sucks more than taking care of a sick baby when you’re sick yourself.

Not to mention that Andrew’s 1st birthday part (WHAT!?) was supposed to be this weekend, but with The Nerd working massive amounts of overtime and my sickness, I really don’t think I can pull it together. I’m feeling like a complete failure. I always wanted to be that amazing Super Mom who throws fabulous parties and makes every holiday memorable. I’m quickly learning that I really can’t do that on my own. I know he won’t remember it, but I WILL. And it breaks my heart. But I’m slowly coming to peace with it. I mean, there’s only so much you can do and I can’t stress over it.

Anyway, sob fest over and moving on. I can’t believe that Halloween has already come and gone. We had so much fun taking Andrew trick-or-treating with River and Eli. He was dressed as Mario, but he refused to wear his hat, shoes or moustache (I didn’t even get any pictures of him with the moustache). So everyone thought he was a farmer.

If you want to see what he was SUPPOSED to look like (when he was being cooperative) check out our Halloween party from last week.

Halloween 2012-001.jpgHalloween 2012-003.jpgHalloween CollageHalloween 2012-012Halloween 2012-013.jpg

Did you catch the look on his face when he realized he would be getting chocolate? THAT is what Halloween is all about!



  1. Hilarious! La-de-la-de-la-de-la. You must have had a great time on Halloween!

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