How to Create a Fall Mesh Poly Deco Wreath

Fall Wreath-012

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love putting out all our decorations and making special meals. It’s such a fun time of year!

I recently went to Christmas in Cowtown and there was a booth selling these super-cute Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths. I saw them and thought, I could make that! And so, I did!

Here’s what you’ll need to make this wreath:

Wreath Collage 1

Get your materials together. You’ll start on the inside ring of the wreath frame. Gather the end of the Poly Deco Mesh together and twist it into one of the fasteners on the frame.

Create a loop with the Poly Deco Mesh and secure it into the next fastener on the frame. Continue around the inside of the frame, securing loops along the way, and then move to the outer edge. Continue until finished and cut the end of the Poly Deco Mesh.

Wreath Collage 2

Repeat the steps above, this time using the ribbon to loop around the frame.

Fall Wreath-006.jpg

Here’s what it will look like when finished.

Wreath Collage 3

Add embellishments to the wreath, securing with the fasteners on the frame.

Fall Wreath-012.jpg

Position the mesh loops and ribbons so that they’re to your liking and you’re done!

Fall Wreath-013.jpg

I think it adds a fun, festive touch to our front porch, don’t you?


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  1. The wreath is beautiful. I can also see this autumn wreath used for Christmas.

  2. Cute Wreath- Thank you for sharing it!


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