Hawaiian Falls Food Review

During a recent visit to Hawaiian Falls Roanoke, we decided to try some of their food options and share a review with you!

Hawaiian Falls Food Review

Hawaiian Falls Food Review

We visited Sharkey’s at Hawaiian Falls Roanoke for lunch and decided to try some of the combo meals.

Hawaiian Falls-10 Hawaiian Falls-12

Combo meals are $12 or less and include an entree, drink, and choice of fries or chips.

Hawaiian Falls Pulled Pork Combo

The pulled pork sandwich combo meal was my favorite. The pork is sweet, with just the right amount of sauce. And the fries were crispy and the perfect compliment to the sandwich.

The sandwich comes with only meat. I like to eat mine with pickles, so a small condiment station would have been a great addition to the Sharkey’s location.

Hawaiian Falls Cheeseburger Combo

My husband had the cheeseburger combo. Anytime we eat out, he orders a cheeseburger! The meat was well-seasoned, and he said the cheeseburger was a great choice.

Hawaiian Falls Brisket Sandwich

We also tried the Brisket Sandwich with fries. The brisket was tender and the sauce was sweet. There was a bit of a wait for the sandwich, but the staff at Sharkey’s was attentive and brought the meal to me when it was ready.

Again, it was just meat and bread, and I wished there had been some condiments to add to it, like pickles or onions.

Hawaiian Falls Pizza Combo

Lastly, my son chose the pepperoni pizza combo. It looked so good I had to try a bite! The crust was delicious and the pizza was definitely one of the best I’ve had recently. I think my son agrees….

Hawaiian Falls Pizza

All in all, the food is a great value for the price — especially¬†with a season pass discount!

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