Good Hope Estate Jamaica Tour

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The first stop on our family cruise was Montego Bay, Jamaica. We decided to give the Good Hope Estate Jamaica Tour a try since it seemed like the most interesting family-friendly excursion.

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We awoke to a gorgeous view of Montego Bay from our balcony. A guide led us from the ship to a van for transportation to Good Hope Estate. It was about an hour drive, but wasn’t too bad. We got a great view of the Jamaica countryside along the way, which was really interesting.

Good Hope Estate Jamaica Tour


Upon our arrival at Good Hope Estate, we were given a tour of the facilities. The bathroom break at the beginning was the only one that was offered during the entire trip — so make sure to ask your guide to stop if you need one! Our guide seemed to be on a very fast schedule, and didn’t really give us much time to explore on our own.

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Our first stop was the Bird Aviary — this was probably my favorite part of the excursion. We got to see a bunch of different species and even had the chance to feed some of them. Andrew was frightened by the birds flapping their wings, but I had a lot of fun holding them.

We then stopped for lunch. The cost was not included in our excursion, so make sure to bring cash for that. Their credit card machine was not working during our trip, so having cash on hand was a lifesaver. You have the choice between Jerk Chicken or Jerk Pork — both are spicy, so if you’re traveling with kids, be aware.

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Next, we headed to the Good Hope Great House for a tour. I could have done without this part of the trip. While it was interesting to see, my son quickly got bored and I spent the whole time trying to keep him from touching and breaking priceless antiques.

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The kids also had the chance to mine some gems. Andrew really loved this part of the excursion.

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We ended the day with a swim in the pool, which the kids LOVED. We were the only ones in the pool, and the kids had a blast. It was a nice way to wrap up our visit before heading back to the cruise ship.

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    Thanks for the review of the Good Hope plantation. Could you please tell us what was the additional cost for the lunch and the house tour?

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