Germs Preschool Science Experiment

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How Germs Are Spread Preschool Experiement

We completed this Germs Preschool Science Experiment to teach my son how germs are spread. As a messy boy, he often touches things with no consideration as to where they’ve been. I can’t tell you how many times we go into a public restroom and I have to say, “Don’t touch ANYTHING!” And he still does.

I’ve tried to talk to him about germs, but the concept was so abstract. Invisible creatures that live on stuff and make you sick? He looked at me like I was nuts. That’s where this Germs Preschool Science Experiment comes in.

Germs Preschool Science Experiment


Here’s What You Need for This Germs Preschool Science Experiment:

  1. Hand soap or lotion
  2. Glitter
  3. Clean hands!

Squirt some soap or lotion into your child’s hand.

How Germs Are Spread Preschool Experiement

Add some glitter on top of the lotion or soap and have your child rub his hands together. This will spread the glitter all over their hands.

Now, have them shake hands with another child, or touch a table. The glitter will transfer to the new surface and they will get to see how it moves from one person to another.

How Germs Are Spread Preschool ExperiementHow Germs Are Spread Preschool Experiement

That’s why it’s so important to was your hands with soap and water regularly. But sometimes, that just isn’t an option. So we keep a variety of PURELL products on hand just for those times! I love the PURELL Advanced Sanitizing Wipes — they’re great for wiping away dirt and other messes.

Exactly what the mom of a sticky toddler needs!

This visual was a great way to show my son just what happens when you don’t regularly wash or sanitize your hands.

We’ve committed to using PURELL products three times a day for the next month to help prevent the spread of germs. And you can join us! Visit the PURELL website to sign up for the challenge for the chance to win great prizes every day!

It’s been really eye-opening for my son. We’ve been doing the challenge for a few weeks now, and he has started to ask for sanitizer after he does something messy and before eating. Awesome!

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