Easy Tailgate Menu: Wing Bar

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Tailgate Wing Bar #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

College Football season is one of my favorite times of year. We make the trek to College Station for most home games to support our Texas A&M Aggies and tailgate with the Aggie Wagon, a renovated U-Haul trailer that is now a tailgater’s dream.

Aggie Wagon Tailgate #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

My husband and I were in charge of hosting the first tailgate of the season, and we decided to go make a Wing Bar using Tyson Any’Tizers and Wet-Nap wipes.

Tailgate Wing Bar Supplies #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

When you’re hosting anywhere from 75-100 people each game, having an easy tailgate menu is a must. I shopped at Walmart for the supplies for our Wing Bar. It was perfect — we could just throw the wings on the grill and fill up pans with them as they were done.

Tailgate Wing Bar #wingsandwipes #pmedia #adTailgate Wing Bar #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

I set up a station where guests could pick up Wet-Nap wipes as they picked up a plate and silverware. Wipes are essential when you’re handling messy wings.

Wet-Nap Wipes #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

I decorated our Wet-Nap package using some laminated burlap that I painted with maroon stripes — you’ve got to show your team pride when tailgating, right? I just cut out the burlap to fit around the canister and hot glued it into place. It was the perfect centerpiece for our serving table!

Tyson Any'Tizers Wings on the Grill #wingsandwipes #pmedia #adWet-Nap Wipes #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

We served Tyson Any’Tizers Hot Wings Buffalo Style and Tyson Any’Tizers Wings Honey BBQ Seasoned. Even the grillmaster had to use the Wet-Nap wipes to clean his hands while preparing them!

Tyson Any'Tizers Wings #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

The wings were so flavorful and yummy — our guests gobbled them up in no time!

Texas A&M Aggie Silverware #wingsandwipes #pmedia #adTexas A&M Aggie Cupcakes #wingsandwipes #pmedia #adTexas A&M Aggie Cookies #wingsandwipes #pmedia #ad

Little details can make a big difference in making your guests feel like you’ve gone above and beyond — so we also had hand-stamped Aggie silverware, Texas A&M cupcakes, and some Aggie sugar cookies for guests to pick up along their way down the Wing Bar. Fun, right?

Ready to get your hands dirty and host your own Easy Tailgate Menu: Wing Bar?

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  1. dang! you guys tailgate in style! I love it!

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