DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder

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Holiday Candle Display

One of my favorite ways to refresh a room during the holidays is to use some scented candles as decorations. With this DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder, you just have to add a fun holiday votive to make guests feel like they’re walking in a winter wonderland.

Holiday scents are an easy and inexpensive way to decorate. It’s such a small way to add a bit of cheer to your home, and this DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder is the perfect way to take that even further.

Air Care at Walmart

If you’re feeling a bit behind in decorating for the holidays, don’t worry! It’s so easy to stop by the air care section of the cleaning aisle at your local Walmart or other retailer.

Pick up some candles and just a few other supplies and you can knock this DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder out of the park. That’s my favorite thing about this project — it’s *so* easy to make!

Holiday Candle Display

Check out some of my favorite holiday scents!

DIY Christmas Mason Jar Candle Holder


Holiday Candle Display

Wide Mouth 32 oz Mason Jar (Quart Sized)
Epsom Salt
Pine Sprigs
Foam Cranberries
Votive Candles


Holiday Candle Display

Add some Epsom Salt into the bottom of the mason jar. Add in some cranberries, then a sprig of pine.

Holiday Candle Display

Set your candle on top of the jar, so that it sits inside the mouth of the jar. I love how it’s the perfect size to just sit nestled in the mouth of the jar. Such a fun way to show them off!

Holiday Candle DisplayHoliday Candle DisplayHoliday Candle Display

Aren’t they fun?

What are some of your favorite ways to display candles during the holidays?



  1. Wow these are ADORABLE!! Found your post from a link up, and happy I did 🙂 LOVE my christmas decorations!

    Sarah Grace

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