Dallas World Aquarium: Dallas, Texas

Dallas World Aquarium-007.jpg

This weekend, we took Andrew to the Dallas World Aquarium in the Historic West End.

This place is really more than an aquarium. There was this giant rainforest in the middle, with tons of different animals — monkeys, birds and fish. It was so beautiful and so fun.

But the best part was when we actually got to the aquarium. The shark tank alone was worth the price of admission.

Andrew made it about half-way through the aquarium before konking out. The Nerd and I still had fun, though.

Dallas World Aquarium-001.jpgDallas World Aquarium-014.jpgDallas World Aquarium Collage 1Dallas World Aquarium-012.jpgDallas World Aquarium-015.jpgDallas World Aquarium Collage 2Dallas World Aquarium-009.jpgDallas World Aquarium-024.jpg

Top: LOFT, Shorts: Target (old), Shoes: TOMS, Watch: Michael Korsh

It was such a fun day. I hope that Andrew never forgets it.


  1. This looks like a neat place! If you guys went on Saturday, we weren’t too far from you on McKinney Avenue enjoying the Idle Rich Pub. Small world!

  2. The Texas Aquarium looks so fun. Giant tanks are interesting to look at because of the giant fishes and sharks. Glad you guys had a great time.


  1. […] are tons of different animals to look at such as monkeys, sloths, birds and fish.  Arena from The Nerd’s Wife took her family and said, “the best part was when we actually got to the aquarium. The shark […]

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