Bubbles with Grandpa


The Nerd’s parents came to visit over Easter weekend. While they were here, we went to the Perot Museum, ate dinner at Chuy’s and did a little shopping. But the coolest thing we did was sit on the back patio in the evening while Andrew and Grandpa played with bubbles.


There’s just something magical about bubbles, isn’t there?

The feel of them when they hit his skin, briefly there, then gone again.

The sight of them flying through the air, his arms outstretched to catch them.

The joy when one finds its way into his grasp, the sticky sweet residue clinging to his hands.

The frustration when they fly away too quickly and he can’t quite get his fingers on them.

And when he gets a monster bubble with three heads that grows and grows until it goes splat? That’s the very best.

It really is something to watch this little man discover the world.



  1. Love these pictures. Super cute!

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