A Cloudy Morning and Sunshine at the Beach in White Rock, BC

Cloudy Morning in White Rock BC-019

Last month, we had the chance to go to White Rock, BC to visit The Nerd’s family and attend his cousin Andrea’s wedding.

It was my first time in Canada (and Andrew’s too!) and The Nerd hadn’t been for several years.

The Pacific Northwest is beautiful country, with mountains and beaches that will just take your breath away. Of course, I had the time of my life taking photos of our trip.

Our first morning in White Rock, we headed down to the beach with Andrew. It was a bit chilly (at least, it wasn’t the usual 100-degree hotness that we have here in Texas!).

First Day - Andrew and GrandpaCloudy Morning in White Rock BC-013Cloudy Day 2

Andrew had a great time riding around on his Grandpa’s shoulders and getting to see everything.

After our trip down to the shoreline, we decided to go visit The Nerd’s grandmother, Joan. Joan had never met Andrew, so we knew this would be the highlight of our trip.

Nana's House Collage

Joan had some fun wooden spoons for Andrew to play with on a pallet in the floor. He had the best time getting to know Nana and banging around with the wooden spoons.

Later in the day, went back to the beach because the weather was just gorgeous.

Sunny Beach in White Rock BC-045Sunny Beach in White Rock BC-061

The sunshine and the blue skies were perfect. The Nerd kept talking about his master plan to relocate our family to the Pacific Northwest. I think it was just the delirium from 70-degree weather talking.

Sunny Beach in White Rock BC-047Sunny Beach in White Rock BC-056Sunny Beach in White Rock BC-054Sunny Beach in White Rock BC-057

But when this is just outside your door, why wouldn’t you dream of living here?

It was such a fun day and a wonderful beginning to a great trip! I can’t wait to share it all with you…look forward to more tales from Canada this week!


  1. So awesome, I just moved from Vancouver. We spent so many fun filled days over the years in White Rock. friendliest place in the world.

  2. Great photos! It seemed like you guys had a great time. We were in the PacNW at the end of August too and LOVED it. We are from Georgia so we thought the cooler weather was amazing! I’m excited to see the rest of your trip!

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