6 New Baby Products You Can’t Miss

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Last week, I was asked to attend PBJ: Play. Baby. Juvenile., a juried trade event for the most innovative gifts and gadgets across the baby and children’s industries. I was really excited to learn more about some new baby and toddler products.


I also received several free samples to take home from the event, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. Today, I’ll be highlighting some baby products that I thought were really innovative and cool. I’m also going to feature some of my favorite toddler products in a separate post.

Zen Swaddle copy

1. Zen Swaddle from Nested Bean

This is one of the coolest new products I found. The Zen Swaddle mimics a mother’s touch using three weighted parts to make the baby feel like it’s being held. I was able to place one of the weighted parts on top of my hand, and it felt like someone was resting their hand there. Kind of freaky, but so cool! I really wish I’d known about this product when Andrew was little. He still won’t sleep well unless he’s being held. Maybe they’ll eventually come out with a toddler-sized one…

Sakura Bloom

2. Sakura Bloom Baby Sling

Baby-wearing is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I tried the Moby Wrap. I tried the Baby Bjorn. Each one put pressure on a different part of my body and made it super-uncomfortable to wear Andrew. They were definitely not for me. I had heard of Sakura Bloom baby slings from reading The Daybook, so I was really excited to see them at the show.

You know what’s crazy? They let me try one on WITH ANDREW. And it worked. And it felt awesome. And now I really, really want one. This is the only product from the show that made both of my lists.

Bottle Pets

3. Bottle Pets

How adorable are these? They fit most any bottle and make it easy for your baby to grab and hold the bottle. They are machine washable, insulated and are safe for babies. I think these would make really cute baby shower presents. In fact, I may or may not have a few pregnant ladies in mind to receive one…

Tady Tote

4. Tady Tote

This portable indoor/outdoor play mat is so cool. Just unfold it and lay down your baby and their toys. When you’re ready to leave, you can easily fold it up, leaving the toys (not the baby!) inside. The shoulder strap makes it really convenient to carry around. Two spacious pockets in the front can hold the gazillion other things you need when you go out with a baby. The teddy bear blanket is removable, so you can wash it easily.


5. Pacimals

I love, love, love that you can use your own pacifier with these! The adapter works with most pacifiers (sadly, it didn’t work with Andrew’s favorite). Andrew was NOT a fan of the Wubbanub’s. There is only ONE kind of pacifier he will take. And if you’re in that boat, this is the pacifier animal for you! Babies can grab on to it easily. The paci won’t get lost because it’s so small. And toddlers can use it as a lovey.

Bambino Burper

6. Bambino Burper

This was developed by a mom who was tired of picking burp cloths up off the ground every time she bent over! How awesome is it? You just put it around your neck and it stays in place. So simple, and yet, so powerful. It comes in a variety off patterns, so you can find one to suit your style. Plus, their slogan is really funny: “Because spit happens.”

What’s one baby item you couldn’t do without? See any on the list that jump out at you?

Disclaimer: I received several product samples from vendors at the PBJ: Play. Baby. Juvenile. show, courtesy of Dallas Market Center. All opinions and photos are my own. 


  1. Love this post! They all look like such fun things!

  2. Thanks! you have shared nice baby products.

  3. Helen Williams says:

    Love the Bambino Burpers, we sell them in our Boutique!!!


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