Swimming … in January!?!


Yes, this was us … yesterday. It was 31 degrees outside and we were wearing swimsuits. Are we crazy? No, we were at Great Wolf Lodge!

Remember my adorable niece? Well, my brother and his wife are moving her to Denver on Monday.

So, my mom thought it would be fun for us to spend the weekend with her at the indoor waterpark!

Nanna and Pappy are so proud of River! 


Here she is suiting up. Please excuse the terrible blurriness in these photos. I didn’t want to take my super nice camera into the waterpark, so I used my point-and-shoot.


River wasn’t the only one who had fun!

It took a little while for her to get used to the water, but soon she was splashing around like a champ!


There were all kinds of things inside the park. Like waterfalls…


And water guns…


And water slides… Go James!


Nanna and River are best buds!


I’m gonna miss that baby…

A New Me

I don’t want to disappoint you guys, but there will be no Nerdy Things Thursday post this week.

Sorry. Personal things in my life have encroached upon my blogging and I just can’t bring myself to wax poetic about the “quirks” of my husband this week.

This post is going to be about ME.

What does Smart Water have to do with it??

I’ve recently realized that I can’t remember the last time that I did something just to make me happy. I’m always working or going and doing but it’s never for me. It’s always for someone else. If I had to list my one main character flaw, it’s that I would do *anything* to make other people happy. I live to serve, if you will.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing to derive happiness from the joy of others. But sometimes, you just gotta live for you.

So, I have decided to revamp my life and my priorities. I’m tired of trying to always make someone else happy. I want to be that someone else.

Now here’s the question: What will make me happy? Well, there are a lot of things. But number one on the list is to be happy with my self. So, I’m going to get healthier. I’m going to start working out. I’m going to do my best to be my best and I’m not doing it for anyone but me.

One of my blog idols shared her weight loss story here. I’m taking a lot of tips from her.

This is going to have to come in phases or it will be an insurmountable task.

Phase One started today: Drink nothing but water. That’s where the Smart Water comes in. I’m also starting to take a multivitamin.

Phase Two will begin next week: Work out at least three times per week. I’m going to join the local YMCA. And I’m going to stick with it.

Phase Three will begin shortly thereafter: Count calories daily and start to eat smaller (and healthier!) portions.

I’ll keep you updated as things move along. I need all the support I can get, so keep me in your thoughts and prayers. This is going to be tough.

Path of the Planeswalker

This blog is mostly about my husband and all the Nerdy things he does. But tonight, we’re going to talk about a very Nerdy thing that *I* did last week.
 I purchased my first Graphic Novel!
We’ll talk about Graphic Novels in more depth when that Nerdy Things Thursday topic rolls around. Suffice it to say that a Graphic Novel is kind of like a comic on steroids.
But why would I purchase such a thing? Because it follows the Magic: The Gathering storyline. And I’m a sucker for anything MTG!
Path of the Planeswalker chronicles the origins of each of the MTG Planeswalkers. We’ll talk about who (and what) those are at a later time. Now, let’s look at some pretty pictures!
I love this drawing of Elspeth.
And here she is once she releases her power. Such a bright spark!
I really like how the style of drawing suits the personality of each Planeswalker.
This is Liliana Vess. She’s evil and dark.
Chandra is a fire mage. Her drawings are bright and colorful and full of fire.
Garruk Wildspeaker gets cursed by Liliana. Such a haunting drawing.
You can read more about this Graphic Novel here. Or, if you’d like to purchase a copy of your own, you can do so here.
Until next time, live long and prosper!

Not Me Monday

Well, folks, it’s been another eventful week. Let’s talk about some of the things that I — being a dedicated, wonderful and diligent wife and employee — did *not* do.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I was so *drained* after last week — work was brutal. On Friday, I didn’t get home until 7:30 p.m. and I totally did *not* walk in the door, sit down on the couch, and refuse to check my e-mail. Nope, not me. I  make sure to check my e-mail every morning, afternoon and evening so I *never* miss a question from a customer. I’m good like that.

Then, on Saturday, when The Nerd offered to take me to see Leap Year, I totally did *not* leave the house in blue jeans, Uggs and a T-shirt that was massively large on me. Nope. Not me. I care about my appearance. I would *never* go to the movies with no makeup and my hair in a pony tail.

And Sunday, I totally did *not* finally take down the Christmas tree. I’m a domestic goddess and had the… umm… tree… umm… *totally* taken down before New Year’s. Nope, I didn’t take it down on Sunday. That would be crazy.

And right now, after spending the last four hours on the computer answering all the e-mails that I *didn’t* neglect on Friday, I’m totally *not* writing this post, even though it feels like my eyeballs are about to explode. Isn’t that a great visual?

Oh yeah, one more thing: I’m totally *not* about to make a blogging faux paux by posting with no pictures.

Forgive me. It’s Not Me Monday.

Wish List

I don’t know if it’s just *my* Nerd or if this is a trait they all possess, but James has a really hard time buying me presents.

I really don’t understand it. When a holiday comes around, there’s always *something* that I think would be a good present for him, so I just assume that he can come up with something for me.

Well… you know what assuming does…

I’ve even tried dropping hints: “Hey, babe, isn’t that sweater pretty?” or “Can we just go look in Brighton for a little bit? See these earrings, they’re gorgeous.”

But even that doesn’t work.

So, I finally got smart. I started making lists.

And now, I’m going to publish my Wish List for all the world to see (and my husband, especially!) Be sure to click on the photo to purchase the item! :)

Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven, 5 1/2 quarts

I really like the Lemongrass shade. :)
KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer
I love the sleek black color!
Silpat Silicone Cookie Sheet Liner

I’m told these liners are *phenomenal* for baking.
RollPat Nonstick Rolling Mat
Great for making sugar cookies and other baked goods!
Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 Medium Telephoto Lens
This would be a great addition to my camera!

Canon EF 35mm f/2 Wide Angle Lens

This lens is not as general purpose, but the Pioneer Woman swears by its Nikon equivalent. If it’s good enough for her, who am I to argue? :)

Shootsac Lens Bag with True Color Fashion Cover


My friend, Christy, just got one of these and I’m so jealous!

Now don’tcha think all those awesome cooking tools and camera equipment will make this blog so much better? I do! :)
What’s on your Wish List? I’d love to hear!
Happy Sunday!


Nerd vs. Geek

This question haunted me many a night as I contemplated starting this blog: What’s the difference between a Nerd and a Geek?


You see, I am a writer. Words are my life. And I didn’t want to choose the (gasp!) wrong word to describe my husband.

Not to mention that in the company of Nerds and Geeks, you better use the correct term or you’ll be flogged.

So, what is a Nerd? According to Merriam Webster.com a Nerd is “an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.”

Eek. I don’t like that definition. I am insanely attracted to my husband, although he *is* a little unstylish and socially awkward. So I’ll give them that. But the thing to note here is that a Nerd is “slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.”

Basically, a Nerd is a super-smart individual who is socially awkward and pursues hobbies and interests that are often socially unaccepted.

And, according to Merriam Webster.com, a Geek is “an enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity.”

So, a Geek just pursues those hobbies and interests that are often socially unaccepted. They don’t necessarily have the higher intellect of a Nerd.

Now, I mean no disrespect to the Geeks of the Universe, but there *is* a difference between the two. Imagine that pasty white 25-year-old who still lives in his mom’s basement, doesn’t have a job and plays WoW day and night. That’s a Geek.

Now imagine a pasty white 25-year-old who owns a home, works as a Mechanical Engineer and occasionally plays Halo 3. That’s a Nerd.

And here’s what the Nerds over at Urban Dictionary.com think of themselves: “An ‘individual’, i.e. a person who does not conform to society’s beliefs that all people should follow trends and do what their peers do. Often highly intelligent but socially rejected because of their obsession with a given subject, usually computers. Unfortunately, nerds seem to have problems breeding, to the detriment of mankind as a whole.”

So, if you (or your man) have the brains to back your interest in all things Nerdy, you are fit to wear the title.

I’m proud to call my man a Nerd! :)

Nerdy Things Thursday: First-Person Shooters


Welcome to another Nerdy Things Thursday here on The Nerd’s Wife. Last week, I asked for suggestions from my Facebook friends for topics to cover in this little column ‘o mine. Boy did we get some good ones!

This week, we’re going to talk about something that my friend Sommer suggested: Video Games. Now, I’m going to break this up into a two-part series. Because here in our household, video games are what it’s all about.

So, this week we’re going to talk about First-Person Shooter videogames. Next week, we’ll cover RPGs (no, not rocket-propelled grenades, but Role Playing Games).

I’m only going to talk about those two categories for now, because those are what The Nerd likes to play. And this blog is about him (us!).


First-Person Shooter games utilize a unique perspective for the player — YOU hold the gun, YOU control the turns. The screen looks just like if you were standing in the warehouse, shooting bad guys yourself.

Usually, you can see the character’s hands, holding a gun or other weapon. This allows you to position the weapon for your character and to change weapons according to the situation.


First-Person Shooters are usually war games, but they don’t have to be. One game that The Nerd *loved* was BioShock — a game set in an alternate timeline of 1960. You play a plane crash survivor who has to explore an underwater city.

You inject yourself with different steroid-like substances that give you powers — like the ability to shoot lightening from your hands! And yes, you see the needle actually injected into the arm. It’s really gross and disturbing.


There are two reason Nerds like to play video games. The first is to get a sense of personal achievement by overcoming obstacles and beating objectives in the games. The second is to immerse themselves in the world that is created by the video game.

First-Person Shooters are all about the first reason. That’s the appeal. These games have, for the most part, an over-arching storyline and objective for the player to accomplish.

But it’s more than that — you can collect feathers, go on small missions, rescue civilians and increase your standing in XBox Live. Each of these tasks gives the Nerd a little sense of accomplishment.

He feels like the 60 hours he’s invested in this game was totally worth it because he found each and every one of those feathers. I feel like throwing up thinking that he invested 60 hours of his life looking for feathers. But that’s neither here nor there.

And it doesn’t hurt that you usually get to blow stuff up and shoot people in the head.

Here are some popular First-Person Shooter titles:

Check back next week to learn all about Role Playing Games!

Is there anything you’d like to see covered in Nerdy Things Thursday? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Until next time, live long and prosper!

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