The Craziest Book Signing EVER {aka Meeting The Bloggess}


I have been a fan of Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, for a while now. Her irreverent humor often has me laughing in stitches and wondering how any one woman could be THAT funny.

I especially loved her Pick Your Battles post, and her response to ridiculous PR pitches that bloggers receive every day. I will never look at Wil Wheaton in the same way.

I’ve even enjoyed her Twitter campaign to convince Nathan Fillion to send her a picture of himself holding twine. Several celebrities have obliged. Sadly, Nater-Tater isn’t one of them.

When The Nerd and I decided to go visit our friends in Houston a few weeks ago, we wanted to download an audiobook for the trip. We often do this on trips. It’s sometimes difficult to choose a book we both enjoy, and he was skeptical at first when I suggested downloading Jenny’s newly released book, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir).

I convinced him, though, and soon we were both giggling hysterically while cruising down I-45. The audiobook is read by Jenny herself and really, it seems like you’re just sitting around listening to her tell her funniest stories. It’s that good, y’all.

Jenny stopped in Dallas last week as part of her book tour and I made The Nerd go with me. It was a decision I think he later regretted, but not for the reasons you’re thinking.

You see, Jenny is awesome. She’s funny, and hilarious, and down-to-Earth. She talked about her terror at speaking in public and how she’s now AFRAID of bathrooms because she has hidden in so many before speaking engagements. I can totally relate.


Then she read a chapter from her book (seriously guys, go buy it now!) and I died of laughter. Just kidding.

And because the book signing was at the book store of awesome (aka A Real Bookstore, yes – that is its ACTUAL name), they were selling alcoholic beverages in celebration of the event.

Soon the questions had been answered and it was time to line up for the signing. Our part of the line was directly in front of the bathroom for a while, which was convenient and also a little unnerving. Especially when two girls came out CARRYING their friend who was so drunk SHE COULDN’T WALK on her own. Seriously.

And if that wasn’t weird enough for the evening, not 10 minutes later The Nerd and I are standing there and the lady behind us trips and falls into The Nerd. He graciously caught her and she mumbled, “Oh, so sorry.” “It’s okay,” he said, as he helped her back to her feet. But as his hands left her she PASSED OUT and fell (there wasn’t enough time for him to catch her; he tried) and hit her head on one of the tables holding books.

It was insanely scary.

Luckily a woman who seemed to have medical training came forward and started reviving the woman, who appeared to be fine except for a huge gash right above her eye that was bleeding profusely. Someone nearby called 9-1-1 and the paramedics came and took the woman away. But not before her friend got Jenny to sign their books and their spatulas. Because that’s awesome.


A little while later it was our turn to meet Jenny and I was super excited. Ever more so when I saw Copernicus!


And then Jenny signed my book and made my life complete and totally forgave me for wearing yoga pants to her book signing because I was too lazy to wear real clothes. Or she would have if I had fessed up to that. She probably thinks I’m just lazy.

Jenny also signed a copy of the book for one of YOU! You didn’t think I’d leave you out, did you? It has a special message for you from her. You’ll love it. I promise.

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Contest ends 5/8. Good luck!



  1. I NEVER enter contests.
    I NEVER enter contests for books.
    I just entered this contest.
    Because I love Jenny.

  2. Love her too ~ jealous! Congrats.

  3. Your free entry is awesome! Hope you don’t mind if I borrow that idea for my next giveaway? Such a great idea and makes me feel much better about the whole shebang … btw, I hope I win the book but even if I dont I’m going to buy the audio book because you sold me on it :)

  4. Nancy Spitznagle says:

    Giveaway opportunity is a great idea. The book sounds wonderful!

  5. Didn’t realize The Bloggess lured such an inebriated crowd. Other than the crazy drunk people, this event looked like a blast. I can’t wait to listen to the audiobook of this one!

  6. That’s one eventful book signing!

  7. Plus, Jenny’s book has the cutest cover, ever. (I’m married to a nerd, too, and live in Ft. Worth.) :)

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