Teaching Kids About Competition with Netflix


Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, and was provided with a year of service and an Apple TV. Each month, I’ll be participating in challenges. All opinions are my own.

My boys are 16 months apart. They are best buds, but also worst enemies. Competition is in everything we do. EVERYTHING we do is a race: Putting on our clothes, eating our breakfast, buckling our seat belts in the car.

Inevitably someone gets their feelings hurt. With the Olympics going on this month, we took some time to talking about REAL “winners” and REAL “losers.” Being the visual learners that we are, we turned to Netflix. They have a ton of fun shows that help drive home what competition really is.

We decided that we would watch Super WHY!: The Tortoise and the Hare. I love this episode because it teaches that it’s not about winning or losing, but rather it is about having fun instead. I love the idea that it is important to enjoy our journey instead of rushing through everything we do.

To go along with this episode, we took a trip to the park. My boys **LOVE** to run (just like their dad) and so I set up an opportunity to run a “race” so that each of us could cheer the other on and to give them a medal at the end of the race.


We had a *BLAST.* Each person felt special, and I felt like it drove the point home of doing your best and having fun. They were ALL smiles.


In the spirit of the Olympics, we finished with some red, white, and blue popsicles.


They felt like real Olympians. Even after we were done, they wanted to keep going. They held their own races taking turns running and giving the medals out. They were so proud. They kept the medals on all afternoon.

I love how Netflix inspired us to get out of our winter blues in our house. The sunshine, warmth of the sun, and fresh air really brightened our spirits!

For more inspirational shows about competition, check out these Netflix titles:

1. Super WHY!: The Tortoise and the Hare
2. Curious George: George Gets a Trophy
3. Bob the Builder: The Bobblesberg Winter Games
4. Angelina Ballerina: In the Wings
5. Caillou: Caillou Gets Active

Did your family do anything special this month to celebrate competition?



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