Butterfly Clothespin Preschool Snack

Butterfly Preschool Snack

It’s officially Spring, and today I’m sharing the perfect springtime snack for preschool classes! Our school requires that all snacks be store-bought and remain in their original packaging, so I’m always looking for ways to dress them up for the kids in Andrew’s class. This month, I used clothespins to make this Butterfly Preschool Snack.

I can’t wait to share these snacks with Andrew’s classmates. They do a lot of clothespin “work” at his Montessori school, so this will fit perfectly into their lessons.

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Heathy Preschool Snacks: GoGo squeeZ Pumpkins

GoGo Squeez Pumpkins #TrickorsqueeZ

Disclosure: I was provided with GoGo squeeZ samples for my son’s preschool class. All opinions and photos are my own.

I’ve mentioned before that GoGo squeeZ is one of our favorite healthy preschool snacks. Since it’s the month of pumpkins, I decided to make some GoGo squeeZ Pumpkins for my son’s class special snack at preschool this month.¬†These are so easy — I literally put them together in an hour.

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Healthy Snacks for Preschool: Fruity-licious Treats!

Healthy Preschool Snacks

When Andrew started school, I was really excited about getting to bring snacks for his class. I couldn’t wait for his first classroom party — what would I bring for Halloween? Christmas? Valentine’s Day? Ah! So many possibilities. I’ve looked forward to being the crafty mom for a while now, so when I learned that this week it would be Andrew’s turn to bring the “Special Snack” for his class, I was thrilled.

Until I read the instructions. All items had to be in store-bought containers. No peanut butter. No homemade treats.

I understand the need to keep things that could cause allergic reactions out of the hands of little ones, but I still wanted to do something fun. So I came up with these Fruity-licious Treats. They are so easy to make, and since they are all packaged, it made it easy for my little man to help his teacher hand them out to his classmates.

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