Sand and Sun

Beach 0213-008.jpg

Earlier this month, The Nerd took some time off work and we got to visit his family on the Texas Gulf Coast. We got to see Cirque du Soleil and we even visited the Texas State Aquarium.

It was sunny and warm, so we took Andrew down to the beach one day to play in the sand. Our first trip to the beach with Andrew ended in tears, so I had high hopes that this time, he’d love it.

And he did.

He laughed and played and dug around in the sand and had a grand ol’ time.

Beach 0213-006.jpgBeach 0213-004.jpgBeach 0213-009.jpgBeach 0213-012.jpgBeach 0213-014.jpg

Right up until he rubbed a fist-full of sand in his eyes.

Here’s to hoping our next beach trip won’t involve tears!


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  1. How fun!! I bet the water was chilly!! 🙂

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