Princess for a Day at the Renaissance Faire


This weekend, we headed to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas.

Lately, River has been obsessed with princesses. She loves Beauty and the Beast and all you have to do to make her happy is tell her she looks like a princess.

So, we knew this would be the perfect treat for her!

Her mom did an awesome job of dressing her up in a princess costume. She braided her hair and River looked so beautiful.

River was so excited to go to the “fessival” to see the King and Queen. She wanted to dance with the King, she told us. It was so cute.

Our first stop once we arrived was by the face painting booth.


River was so excited to have her face painted. She sat so still and did a great job of letting the artist work her magic.


My favorite thing about it, though? The Nerd has this irrational fear of face paint. It totally weirds him out. And I may or may not enjoy seeing him squirm. I mean, come on! Face paint? Not clowns or bunnies? Face paint?



Once she was finished, River ran over to the mirror to get a better look at herself. She was so excited!


Isn’t she a doll?

After she was all prettied up, we headed browsed around the festival some more. River loved seeing everyone in their costumes.

We soon found a shop with crowns. Of course, no princess is complete without a crown.

She picked out this beautiful yellow crocheted crown with butterflies on it. So adorable!

Then, we headed off in search of a show or some food.

Along the way, we happened upon a shop with fairie wings. Once River saw them, she immediately headed that way. And how could we resist?


She picked out some blue ones. You know, to match her pink dress and yellow crown. So cute!

With her wings and crown, she was a full-fledged princess. She found another mirror and was dancing and twirling and admiring her outfit.


This was my favorite shot of the day. She has just the perfect princess pose!


And here she is dancing and having fun! Love it!


Next, we got to ride a camel! Err…River and Nanna got to ride a camel.


Don’t they look like they’re having fun?

It was such an awesome day, and I think River had a blast!

My favorite part of the day? The food!! Sausage on a stick and kettle corn. Y.U.M.

Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? What’s your favorite part?




  1. What beautiful princess pictures! River looks so happy, doesn’t she? I’ve never been to a Renaissance fair – I don’t even know if we have them in England – but they look so much fun… I think the closest things we have are probably steam rallies and country fairs – old fashioned steam-powered barrel organs and carousels, steam engines, stalls, craft tents, country things like falconry displays or horse-and-carriage exhibitions in the central ring, and lots of delicious food!

  2. River is so adorable in her costume! Sounds like a great time.

  3. wow she has beautiful eyes . and such a great name !


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