Preschool Tissue Paper Art

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Preschool Tissue Paper Art

Trying to work from home with a preschooler is tough, so I’m always coming up with ways to keep him occupied while I’m working. Preschool Tissue Paper Art is one of our favorite activities — it allows him to express his creativity while making something the whole family can enjoy!

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

When I was imagining this project, the first thing that came to mind was Glad Press’n Seal. It’s the perfect medium for this art, because you can hang it sticky-side out on a window or glass door, and the pieces of tissue paper stick right to it.

We picked up a roll at Walmart while doing our grocery shopping. I like to use supplies that have multiple purposes for our craft projects, and I know that Glad Press’n Seal will come in handy for lots of other things!

Preschool Tissue Paper Art

What you’ll need to make Preschool Tissue Paper Art:

  1. Glad Press’n Seal
  2. Assorted colors of tissue paper, cut into small squares
  3. Tape

Tape a piece of Glad Press’n Seal to the glass door or window where your preschooler will work — make sure that the sticky side is facing away from the glass.

Press pieces of tissue paper onto the sheet of Glad Press’n Seal. If you’re making a specific design, you might have to press harder and rub your finger across each piece a few times to get the pieces to stay.

Tissue Paper SuncatcherTissue Paper Suncatcher

You can also let your child “freestyle” it, and place the tissue squares where they desire. This is my favorite way to do this project, because it lets their creativity shine, and also keeps them busy.

“Let’s add 10 more pieces to your art, ok?”

“Ooohh, can you add a blue square to it?”

Like I said, it’s all about keeping them busy, wink wink.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

Once the design is finished, cut off another piece of Glad Press’n Seal and lay it on top of the art, this time pressing the sticky sides together to seal the art in place.

You can also help your toddler create summer-themed designs, like this fun palm tree.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

Leave the artwork hanging in the window for a beautiful suncatcher!

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

The sunlight shines through the tissue paper and looks gorgeous!

What are some of your favorite preschool art activities?


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