Girls’ Night Out at Painting With a Twist in Denton

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I recently had the chance to attend a class at Painting With a Twist in Denton with some local bloggers — we had so much fun! This easy class is the perfect activity for a girls’ night out or date night with your sweetie.

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These are just a few of the options that you can sign up to paint! I’m really digging that TARDIS painting — so fun!

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I was a little anxious before the class, because my painting skills are not exactly stellar. But the easy, step-by-step directions from our instructor kept me on task and boosted my confidence.

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I really liked that there was room for interpretation — even though we all painted the same thing, each painting turned out a little different and had its own unique spin.

Painting with a Twist Denton-24.jpgPainting with a Twist Denton-23.jpg

Blogger besties! The class that we took was the night before my birthday, and these girls made me feel so special. Courtney even brought cupcakes — you can bring snacks and, even, alcohol to have a good time during your class!

Painting With a Twist is located just off Denton Square, a thriving, cute, historic town square full of restaurants, bars, theaters, art galleries, and boutique shops. It’s just a short train ride north from Dallas, and would even make a great option for an in-town date!

Disclosure: Complimentary admission was received to facilitate this review. All opinions and photos are my own.


  1. Thanks for coming and writing about your experience. We’re glad you enjoyed it!

  2. This was such a fun evening and I hope to go back again sometime with all you ladies to do it again!

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